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As you are building your new(est) business venture, you want to start with the end in mind and build to scale.  This allows you to accelerate your results and eliminate so much of the noise, complexities, and wasted time, money, and energy that so many newer businesses experience. Instead, you want to build your business with intention.  

Businesses and the offers within your business go through a lifecycle of:

  • Ideation and Experimentation 
  • Stabilization 
  • Optimization 
  • Amplification 

You move from Building it Out, to Leaning it Out, to Scaling it Out. 

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Lean Out Method (LOM) will be your strategic advisor on your business journey.

Our goal is to shorten the Build It Out cycle so you achieve product market fit and begin generating predictable revenue as quickly as possible.  During this stage of the lifecycle, we focus on experimentation and implement, measure, and iterate until you generate your targeted results.

We then support you to accelerate business growth through the Lean It Out cycle so you are generating predictable profitability and positioning your business and your offers to scale.  During this stage of the lifecycle, we focus on strategy, planning, systems, team, and leaning out anything that isn’t adding value to your clients or profit to the business.

We then amplify what’s working and Scale It Out in a way that is sustainable.


What We Focus On Together

We help you to build your new business with a focus on:

  • Future-State Vision
  • Strategic Objectives and Target Outcomes
  • Mission / Why, Values, Culture
  • Role Alignment + Strategic Hiring Plan
  • Refinement of Business Model
  • Development of Metrics and Dashboards
  • Development of Signature Method
  • Development of Scalable Signature Offer / Offer Suite
  • Development of and Experimentation with End-to-End Sales and Marketing Funnel, infusing Customer Journey
  • Strategic Planning - Long-Term Roadmap, 1-Year Roadmap, 90 Day Plan including projects and marketing campaigns
  • Set up of core systems including Company Playbook, Project Management System, Sales and Marketing System, Team Management System

Additional support will be provided on team structure and leadership, goal setting and achievement, productivity, etc.



Having expert advice and consultancy can significantly accelerate the rate of success while minimizing wasted time, money, energy, and risk. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • You will build your business to scale from day 1, eliminating costly rework and unnecessary complexity
  • You will be positioned to scale in a simple and sustainable way
  • You will accelerate the path to product market fit and predictable and reliable revenue
  • You will have clarity on your offers - packaging, pricing, and positioning
  • You will have clarity on the end-to-end sales and marketing funnel that is most aligned with your business goals and your customer’s journey
  • You will have your signature method and framework defined which will help you establish yourself in the market and act as the foundation for all of the offers you create in your business
  • You will build high-value assets and intellectual property, increasing the salability, investability, and overall value of the business
  • You will have the systems and structure in place for repeatable and consistent results, with the flexibility and adaptability to innovate and be responsive to feedback, learnings, and market demand
  • You will build a business model that allows you to both do the work that you love and that fuels you, and actually check out and enjoy your days off and vacations without that sense of panic that things will fall apart without you (and without constant messages from your team and clients)
  • You will build a team of amazing and devoted rock stars fully committed to your success, allowing the Founder(s) and CEO to step into true visionary leadership

We Help You Build a Scalable and Lean Business and Clear and Compelling Signature Offers

Hi, I'm Crista Grasso

I have spent the past 2 decades helping businesses scale in simple and sustainable ways - from the largest Fortune 50 companies in the world, to coaches, consultants, and online experts like you.  I specialize in developing strategies to build, implement, and scale programs and products that get results fast by being both customer-centric and results-focused.

I am on a mission to help entrepreneurs simplify success, get off the hustle hamster wheel, do business differently and grow and scale their way, while building a high-impact and high-profit business that doesn't require them to work 24x7. 

I am often referred to as the "Business Optimizer", due to my unique ability to help people quickly cut through noise and complexity to identify simple and aligned solutions to achieve the big bold vision they have for their business and their life.


We facilitate workshops and conversations to develop the key components of a successful business venture and then provide support and guidance to your team to produce the following outputs*:

  • Dynamic Company Playbook including:
    • Defined future state vision
    • Company vision, mission, values
    • Company culture and norms
    • Company point of view and content pillars
    • Business Model including core offers
    • Core roles and responsibilities
    • New hire onboarding
    • 1-2 SOPs (which will be expanded by the internal team)
  • Scorecard and Dashboards
  • Set up of Project Management System
  • Set up of Sales and Marketing System
  • Set up of Team Management System

*Your team will create and be responsible for the outputs, with LOM’s guidance and support.  Done-for-you services are available separately. 

In addition, LOM will produce and provide the following outputs*:

  • Company Operating Model and Strategic Hiring Plan
  • Visual Depiction of Scalable Signature Offer Suite and End-to-End Sales and Marketing Funnel with Customer Journey

*LOM will create the initial outputs using a tool called Miro. Your team will own and update them on an ongoing basis and can choose to leverage a different tool as desired. 

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The Build to Scale Consulting Engagement is a GREAT fit for you if one of the following is true:

  • You are a seasoned expert who is starting a new agency or consulting business as a serial entrepreneur or corporate escapee 

  • You are reimagining an existing consulting or service based business and want to remove complexity and position it to scale sustainably

  • You are a start up that understands the tremendous benefit of building your business lean and scalable from day 1 and want to work with a proven lean business consultant to accelerate your results

  • You want a high-touch, high-impact consulting engagement with someone who feels like a partner and trusted advisor, and who is just as passionate about your business and success as you are

*If you are a solopreneur or have a limited start up budget, you may be a better fit for our Build to Scale Offer Incubator group program.


Consulting Engagement Options

Option 1 - Accelerated Path:
In Person + Remote

  • In-person 1-week intensive (4 full business days) 
  • On-going weekly workshops and strategic advisory calls with Crista
  • Support between meetings via email (and Slack or Voxer upon request)
  • Quarterly Strategic Planning Workshops with you and your team (for engagements that last 6, 9, or 12 months)

Additional in-person meetings can be arranged separately - for client meetings, strategic planning workshops, leadership offsites, etc.

Option 2:
Fully Remote

  • Four 1-day virtual workshops (1 per week for 4 weeks)
  • On-going weekly workshops and strategic advisory calls with Crista
  • Support between meetings via email (and Slack or Voxer upon request)
  • Quarterly Strategic Planning Workshops with you and your team (for engagements that last 6, 9, or 12 months)


Engagements are a minimum of 4 months for the Build It Out stage.

Schedule a consult call with Crista to outline next steps and schedule the start of your engagement - schedule here.

"Crista took all my business structures, ideas and dreams and streamlined them into a model. Aligned with actionable items, structure and a cohesive plan moving forward. Crista's unique method identified my strengths and core values to emphasize my business mission.

Crista's honesty, positivity and questioning really helped me reassess how I move forward in launching my business. Thank you for believing in my business, my mission and me."

"I had the pleasure of working with Crista for two years, where she guided our clients through large-scale business transformation. I watched her expertly shepherd them into creating systems and structures that would allow them to scale their businesses.

Amidst significant complexity Crista showed a true talent for simplification. Drawing on her experience in strategic planning, she coached clients to simplify their strategies and focus intensely on outcomes, leading to accelerated results."