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Why Your Business Needs a Scalable Offer Suite In Order To Scale Sustainably

The simplest way to scale is with a scalable signature offer suite (SSOS) so we support you in developing and optimizing your (next) scalable signature offer and end-to-end marketing and sales systems for your offer and then significantly amplify your results by leveraging your customer journey to create a full scalable signature offer suite.


Here's a sneak peek into what we include in our Scalable Offer Suite System

  • Creating irresistible and scalable signature offers
  • How to package, price, and position your offers for scale
  • Defining your conversion event for launch
  • Launch mindset and success practices
  • Building your profit plan
  • Building your end-to-end sales and marketing system
  • Building your launch plan
  • Defining your success measures
  • Building your signature framework
  • Building your cohesive scalable signature offer suite based on customer journey 
  • Shortening your buying cycle for faster ROI
  • Retaining customers for higher customer lifetime value

Plus editable templates, calculators, and workbooks

The backbone of every system is based on the 4 pillars of the Lean Out Method - Context, Clarity, Commitment, and Kaizen

Here are the business questions that the Scalable Offer Suite System answers: 

  • Context:
    • What is the customer journey for my ideal clients?
    • What problems are my clients trying to solve that my offers will be the solution for?
    • What would make my offer irresistible to my ideal target market?
  • Clarity:
    • How do I package my offers to be scalable?
    • How do I price and position my offers to attract my ideal target market?
    • How do I provide a transformational experience in a group?
    • What do I need to do to effectively launch my offers?
    • How profitable will my offers be?
  • Commitment:
    • What mindset and success practices are needed to launch successfully?
  • Kaizen:
    • What are my quantitative and qualitative measures of success?
    • What are the KPIs and measures of a successful launch event?

The Scalable Offer Suite System guides you through increasing levels of scalability in your business.

  • For those still generating the majority of their revenue through 1-on-1 coaching, DIY courses, or multiple ad hoc offers, it guides you how to create your high-impact one-to-many scalable signature offer.
  • For those who already have a scalable signature offer, it guides you through optimizing each element of that offer to significantly increase your impact and profitability without increasing your resources.  
  • The system then guides you through understanding your customer journey to define a full scalable signature offer suite which provides multiple streams of revenue in a simple sustainable way. 

The Scalable Offer Suite System is one of six interconnected systems that comprise the Lean Business Scaling System™.

Interested in implementing the Lean Business Scaling System™ and building out your customer-centric scalable signature offer suite?