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Hi, I’m Crista, creator of the Lean Out Method. I strongly believe that simplicity and focus are the keys to crafting a superior business, and I’m on a mission to help businesses lean out so they can accelerate sales and scale to uncharted heights.

The Lean Out Method™ is based on the fundamental belief that when you are leveling up your business and building true sustainable success, it isn’t about working harder, doing more, or having to feel like you are hustling every damn day.⁣ 

  • It’s about working SMARTER.

  • Being INTENTIONAL with your time.

  • Having clarity around your high impact PRIORITIES.

  • Doing LESS things, but BETTER.

  • OPTIMIZING everything you choose to do.

  • Staying FOCUSED and keeping things SIMPLE.

  • Delivering VALUE by finishing things instead of just being busy.

  • LEANING OUT your business.⁣⁣
  • And, creating SPACE for what matters most to you.

⁣⁣I developed the Lean Out Method to help you achieve your biggest goals and create a scalable and profitable business without requiring you to work more.

By leveraging lean practices and strategic planning, you cut through noise, distractions, and competing priorities and gain clarity on where to focus your precious time, money & energy. It helps you create space for the things that matter most to you.

And it is what completely transformed my own businesses.

When I started my entrepreneurial journey, I felt like I was doing all the right things but no matter how hard I worked, my big goals and vision seemed just out of reach.

I worked around the clock, living on little sleep, loads of caffeine, and a whole lot of hope and determination. I consistently felt overworked and overwhelmed, and found myself wishing there were more hours in the day and more dollars in my bank account.

At the same time, I was working with global multi-billion dollar businesses and helping them achieve accelerated results with profit increases in the 5, 6 and 7 figure ranges by LEANING OUT their businesses.

It struck me that so many big businesses were implementing a lean and agile way of working but so many small businesses had never heard of it. There was a whole world that they weren’t leveraging, and sadly neither was I in my own businesses.

That realization was the start of the Lean Out Method, which I designed specifically with the busy entrepreneur in mind to utilize the same principles and practices that large companies had been using for decades to significantly scale beyond their competitors, skyrocket profits, and reduce complexities and overhead.

When I started using these same methods in my own businesses it was a total game changer! I was able to dramatically increase profits and consistently achieve my goals, without the overwhelm. I am confident it will be the same for you.

It has now been more than 20 years that I have been helping businesses lean out and level up, and the most important lesson I’ve walked away with is this:

What you say ‘no’ to is just as important as what you say ‘yes’ to.

You will notice this theme all throughout the Lean Out Method system, and prominently featured in the 90-day Lean Out Planner

The Lean Out Method - Success Simplified

1.  Set CONTEXT so you know where you are going and why it is important

2.  Gain CLARITY on the right things to be doing right now in your business

3.  Make a COMMITMENT to do whatever it takes to achieve your big goals

4.  Practice KAIZEN and continuously reflect and improve in order to grow

Meet the Creator of The Lean Out Method 

An international business consultant to multi-billion dollar companies, and the leading Business Optimizer for 6 & 7 figure entrepreneurs, Crista specializes in helping businesses lean out and level up to dramatically increase impact and profitability and accelerate results.


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"I love the quote 'a rising tide lifts all boats' and I love being able to help others lift their boats as I am continuing to rise."

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