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January 11th - April 8th (doors are closed)

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A 90 Day Mastermind to Scale Your Business and Create a Planner, Workbook, or Journal

Add another profitable revenue stream to your business, differentiate yourself with an in-demand tangible product, and amplify your clients results leading to 6 and 7 figures in upsells into next level offers!

Hey coaches, consultants & entrepreneurs:

I'm going to let you in on a scaling success secret (but if you're here, I bet you already know this)...  People make scaling their business way harder than it needs to be!

What if I told you scaling your business could be simple and wildly successful when you strategically scale by adding a planner, workbook, or journal (PWJ)?

One of the easiest and most effective ways to scale your business is to amplify something that is already working. 

You know that thing you're known for?  Your signature program or method?

Well, if you’re ready to scale and level up your business, taking your signature offer and adding a tangible product is one of the most effective strategies you can leverage right now. 

But not just any product - your clients want planners, workbooks, and journals that provide accountability and help them get results and achieve their ultimate goals. 

Whether you are looking to diversify your revenue streams by adding a physical product, or you are looking for a way to scale your signature offer in your business, PWJs are a highly effective and in-demand strategy in 2021. 

A PWJ helps you stand out from your competitors by having a physical manifestation of your work, something people can hold in their hands and have a daily reminder of you and your brand.

When our businesses exist solely online, it’s far too easy for people to close a browser, never log into a class, or delete an email. 
But when there’s something REAL and TANGIBLE sitting next to them on their desk… much harder to ignore. 

And I want to help you create something that can’t be ignored.


"The Planner Is The New Book."

- Crista Grasso

Hi, I'm Crista Grasso.

I’m the creator of the Lean Out Method and the 90-Day Lean Out Planner.

I have spent more than 20 years helping businesses accelerate growth and scale in simple and sustainable ways.  I have a signature methodology called the Lean Out Method that I’ve used with clients ranging from Fortune 50 businesses to small empires and wanted to scale my work, add another revenue stream, and make sure more of my clients took bold action on the strategies I was teaching - so I created the Lean Out Planner.

After experiencing all of the ups and downs of creating a planner for my own business, and I’m excited to share what I’ve learned with you to set you up for accelerated success. 

Introducing the Planner, Workbook, Journal (PWJ) Mastermind

This 90-day Mastermind provides everything you need to create, design, print, market and sell your Planner, Workbook, or Journal in order to scale your business. 

If you’ve ever tried doing this on your own, you’ve likely spent hours upon hours watching terrible Youtube videos that don’t have any substance, or end up scrolling through online forums of planner addicts who are talking about stickers instead of strategy. 

The lack of information is staggering - and that’s why I created this mastermind for you.

As someone who spent countless hours researching, digging, creating, learning things the hard way - all while traveling in India on a totally different time zone (that’s a story for another time) - I want to remove all the guesswork and stress work from your planner, workbook, or journal journey. 

Whether your goal is to leverage your PWJ to acquire new customers and grow your business, or you want to gift your PWJ to current clients as a means of ascending them into higher level offers (or a combination of both!), we cover both business models. 


The Secret to a Successful Planner, Workbook, or Journal (PWJ)?

Your real success and profit isn't actually about selling your PWJ.  It's about leveraging your PWJ to help your clients get amazing results so they upsell into your next level offers. 

Yes, you will learn everything you need to know to actually create your planner, workbook, or journal, but this mastermind is about so much more than that! 

It is an entire strategy for scaling your business and optimizing the design of your PWJ to drive maximum profitability for your business and maximum results for your clients.

There is absolutely no other mastermind or experience like this out there. 

How does the Planner, Workbook, Journal (PWJ) Mastermind Work?

This is a done-with-you small circle group mastermind. 

Once you’re accepted into the mastermind, you will get access to:

2 Day Virtual Retreat

The 2-Day PWJ Virtual Retreat takes place February 19th - February 20th and is a combination of:

  • Guided working sessions to ensure you have all the right components included in your PWJ
  • Optimization tips to ensure you are driving maximum profitability for your business while driving maximum accountability and results for your clients
  • Peer Reviews so you receive objective 3rd party feedback on your PWJ 
  • Protected focus blocks where you can incorporate feedback and finish your content

By the end of the retreat, you should be ready to begin the graphic design of your PWJ.

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Create Your Profitable PWJ Curriculum

You get FOREVER access to the digital PWJ curriculum complete with all of the information, checklists, resources, and guides you need to create, design, print, market and sell a planner, workbook or journal. 

The curriculum is PACKED with answers to all the questions you have, and the all the ones you don't know to ask yet.  It is everything I have learned (the hard, time-consuming, and expensive way) in creating my own 90-Day Planner, and that I have since helped numerous others create, monetize, and optimize their own planners, workbooks, and journals in a way that saves them time, money, stress and rework. It includes the ultimate fast track in an outcome-focused way that makes it easy to know what to do when.

You can reference the content again and again as you add additional products in the future.

2x Per Week Q&A Sessions with Crista

Why twice per week?  Because if there is one thing I learned during my own journey and that of my clients, it's that you are going to have a LOT of questions. (If you've tried to do this on your own, I am sure you know this already!)

Join as many or as few sessions as you would like and if you can't be there, you can submit questions in advance. 

Best of all, these sessions are a true mastermind experience.  We talk about strategy and scaling just as much as we talk about planners so you truly have everything you need to turn your PWJ into a highly profitable revenue stream in your business model. 

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Private PWJ Community

Get support and accountability via the private Facebook Community exclusively for PWJ Mastermind members. 

Interact with other business leaders creating their own products to share ideas, get inspiration, and find accountability partnership.

Plus get support from the Lean Out Method Team between the mastermind and Q&A calls.

Done-For-You Research + Resource Guides

Save HOURS of time and get done-for-you research with:

  • A Pinterest board packed with ready-to-pin images to kick start your inspiration file
  • Product analysis and customer feedback - what works / what doesn’t
  • Information, tips, checklists
  • Interviews with industry experts – legal, graphic design, marketing
  • Bonus Resource Guides with trusted partners who can help you deliver a quality product (Graphic Designers, Printers, Packaging Providers, Legal)
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Systems and Tools to Simplify the Process

Included are Calculators, Worksheets, and Checklists to set you up for success, such as:

  • Worksheet to determine which PWJ to create first and ensure you are maximizing value for your customers and profitability for your business
  • Worksheets to determine how much to charge for your PWJ to hit specific profit margins
  • Checklists to make sure you have everything you need for your graphic designer to ensure there are no delays
  • + so much more!

PAY IN FULL BONUS: Private Optimization Session with Crista

Those who pay in full will receive a private 30-minute optimization consulting session with Crista. 

She will personally pre-review your PWJ cover-to-cover, and share insights with you on how to further optimize and monetize your content to increase profitability and results. ($2500 value)

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Is This Mastermind Right For You?

Who This Is For

Coaches, consultants, course-creators & entrepreneurs with an existing signature offer (this could be 1:1, group, workshop, or a digital program) who want to add an additional revenue stream and physical product to their business.

Motivated & driven professionals who show up to level up and leave no room for excuses.

Those with a budget to manage the overhead to create a planner / workbook / journal - including investment in this mastermind as well as design, printing, tech, and other considerations. 

People who understand the value of a physical product and also the work that goes into making it successful.

Business owners ready to re-invest profits into their business by adding a physical asset. 


Who This Is Not For

Business owners who don’t currently have a signature offer / system / methodology.

 Those with 15 different offers and don’t know which one to focus on, nor know which one to create a planner, workbook or journal around.

 Those who want to create a full product suite day 1 (i.e. multiple products with all the embellishments)... We only accept people who embrace the concept of MVP (minimum viable product). 

Those lacking a #communityovercompetition mindset. The power of this mastermind is the collective support of the group.

Someone who doesn’t want to do any of the work and wants to outsource the entire project (we offer done-for-you PWJ services starting at $30k - click here to get in touch if this is you). 

Your Investment

$1,997 per month x 3 months
A one-time payment of $5,500

When you pay in full, you save almost $500 plus receive a bonus private optimization consulting session with Crista


*Investment does not include graphic design, printing, distribution, tech, etc. Done for you services start at $30k - contact us if that is what you are looking for.

Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

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90 Day Mastermind with Crista Grasso to Create Your Planner, Workbook or Journal