Mastermind with Crista Grasso

Transform your signature program or methodology into a profitable planner, workbook, or journal (PWJ) for your business and add an additional revenue stream that will amplify your client's results.

90 Day Mastermind to Create Your Planner, Workbook, Journal

Add another revenue stream to your business, up-sell your offers, and improve your clients results... in just 90 days!

Hey coaches, consultants & entrepreneurs:

If you’re ready to scale up and level up your business, adding a product line is an incredible strategy. 

But not just any product - people are hungry for planners, workbooks, and journals that provide accountability and help them achieve their ultimate goals. 

If you’ve ever felt:

Burnt out trying to sell the same signature program over and over and not knowing how to recreate excitement

Bummed out with slow or inconsistent sales for your offers (it used to work - why isn’t it now?!?) 

Confused by how to stand out amongst the thousands of other coaches, consultants & digital course providers

Creating a planner, workbook, or journal is an excellent way to get ahead of the curve - you’ll stand out from your competitors by having a physical manifestation of your work, something people can hold in their hands and have a daily reminder of your work and your brand. 

When our businesses exist solely online, it’s far too easy for people to close a browser, never log into a class, or delete an email. 

But when there’s something REAL and TANGIBLE sitting next to them on their desk… much harder to ignore. 

And I want to help you create something that can’t be ignored. 


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Who Am I?

Hi, I'm Crista Grasso and I’m the creator of the 90-Day Lean Out Planner.

Like you, I have a signature methodology called the Lean Out Method that I’ve used with clients ranging from Fortune 50 businesses to small empires and wanted to scale my work, add another revenue stream, and make sure more of my clients took bold action on the strategies I was teaching.

I’ve been through all of the ups and downs of creating a planner for my own business, and I’m excited to share what I’ve learned with you to set you up for success. 

Introducing the Planner, Workbook, Journal (PWJ) Mastermind

PWJ (like PB&J, but much cooler and more profitable) is a 90-day Mastermind that provides every single step you need to create, design, print, and sell your Planner, Workbook, or Journal. 

If you’ve ever tried doing this on your own, you’ve likely spent hours upon hours watching terrible Youtube videos that don’t have any substance, or end up scrolling through online forums of planner addicts who are talking about stickers instead of strategy. 

The lack of information is staggering - and that’s why I created this mastermind for you.

As someone who spent countless hours researching, digging, creating, learning things the hard way - all while traveling in India on a totally different time zone (that’s a story for another time) - I want to remove all the guesswork and stress work from your planner, workbook, or journal journey. 


"The Planner Is The New Book."

- Crista Grasso

How does the Planner, Workbook, Journal (PWJ) Mastermind Work?

This is a done-with-you small circle group mastermind. 

It includes everything you need to create, design, print, market and sell your PWJ.

Once you’re accepted into the mastermind, you will get access to:

Create Your Profitable PWJ Curriculum

You get access to the PWJ Digital Program complete with all of the steps you need to create, design, print, and sell your planner, workbook or journal. 

The curriculum is PACKED with answers to all the questions you have, and the all the ones you don't know to ask yet.  It is everything I have learned (the hard, time-consuming, and expensive way) in creating my own 90-Day Planner, and that I have since helped numerous others create, monetize, and optimize their own planners, workbooks, and journals in a way that saves them time, money, stress and rework. It includes the ultimate fast track in an outcome-focused way that makes it easy to know what to do when.

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PWJ Quick Start 

You'll get instant access to everything you need to get your project started including: 

  • Deciding Which Asset to Create
  • Defining the End State
  • Creating Your Ecosystem for Success

For those of you familiar with lean and agile, this is your Sprint 0.  ;-)

2 Day Virtual Retreat

The 2-day PWJ Virtual Retreat on 2/19 - 2/20  is where you’ll finalize and optimize all of the content for your planner, workbook or journal with my guidance & support.

By the end of the retreat, you should be ready to begin the graphic design of your PWJ.

Check out the Q&A section below for more details about the retreat.

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2x Per Week Live Q&A Sessions with Crista

You've got questions, we've got answers.  Join me for twice-weekly Q&A sessions over Zoom where you can get your burning questions answered.

We do our Q&A sessions Lean Coffee style which means you set the agenda and everyone has the opportunity to get support. 

Private PWJ Community

Get support and accountability via the private Facebook Community exclusively for PWJ Mastermind members. 

Interact with other business leaders creating their own products to share ideas, get inspiration, and find accountability partnership.

Plus get support from the Lean Out Method Team between group coaching calls.

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Done-For-You Research + Resource Guides

Save HOURS of time and get done-for-you research with:

  • A Pinterest board packed with ready-to-pin images to kick start your inspiration file
  • Product analysis and customer feedback - what works / what doesn’t
  • Information, tips, checklists
  • Interviews with industry experts – legal, graphic design, marketing
  • Bonus Resource Guides with trusted partners who can help you deliver a quality product (Graphic Designers, Printers, Packaging Providers, Legal)

Systems and Tools to Simplify the Process

Included are Calculators, Worksheets, and Checklists to set you up for success, such as:

  • Worksheet to determine which PWJ to create first and ensure you are maximizing value for your customers and profitability for your business
  • Worksheets to determine how much to charge for your PWJ to hit specific profit margins
  • Checklists to make sure you have everything you need for your graphic designer to ensure there are no delays
  • + so much more!
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PAY IN FULL BONUS: Private Optimization Consulting Session with Crista

Those who pay in full will receive a private 30-minute optimization consulting session with Crista. 

She will personally pre-review all of your PWJ content, and discuss insights with you on how to further optimize and monetize your content to increase profitability and results. 


Now Accepting New Members!

Apply now for early access to the next round of the PWJ Mastermind kicking off January 11th.

Is This Mastermind Right For You?

Who This Is For

Coaches, consultants, course-creators & entrepreneurs with an existing signature offer (this could be 1:1, group, workshop, or a digital program) who want to add an additional revenue stream and physical product to their business.

Motivated & driven professionals who show up to level up and leave no room for excuses.

Those with a budget to manage the overhead to create a planner / workbook / journal - including investment in this mastermind as well as design, printing, tech, and other considerations. 

People who understand the value of a physical product and also the work that goes into making it successful.

Business owners ready to re-invest profits into their business by adding a physical asset. 


Who This Is Not For

Business owners who don’t currently have a signature offer / system / methodology.

 Those with 15 different offers and don’t know which one to focus on, nor know which one to create a planner, workbook or journal around.

 Those who want to create a full product suite day 1 (i.e. multiple products with all the embellishments)... We only accept people who embrace the concept of MVP (minimum viable product). 

Those lacking a #communityovercompetition mindset. The power of this mastermind is the collective support of the group.

Someone who doesn’t want to do any of the work and wants to outsource the entire project (we offer done-for-you PWJ services starting at $30k - click here to get in touch if this is you). 

Your Investment

$999 x 6 payments when you join before 12/4

$1,997 per month x 3 months
A one-time payment of $5,500

When you pay in full, you save almost $500 plus receive a bonus private optimization consulting session with Crista


*Investment is only for the creation of the content and training as well as guidance and support.  Investment does not include graphic design, printing, distribution, tech, etc. Done for you services start at $30k - contact us if that is what you are looking for.

Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

Now Accepting New Members!

Apply now for early access to the next round of the PWJ Mastermind kicking off January 11th.


90 Day Mastermind with Crista Grasso to Create Your Planner, Workbook or Journal