Level Up Your Business Masterclass


Our free 5 day masterclass will teach you simple and actionable strategies to level up your business while giving you back precious time in your day by:

  • Letting go of the things that aren't adding value so you can do less to make more
  • Adding another 6+ figures to your business doing what you and your customers love most
  • Strategically planning and committing to your next level of growth
  • Getting off the hustle hamster wheel and creating sustainable success in your business

Led by: Lean Business Consultant & Strategic Planning Expert Crista Grasso

Get ready to strategically plan for your next 90 days of business growth. 

Crista Grasso

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Learn How to Lean Out in Order to Level Up

To lean out is to focus on what matters most right now and to eliminate anything that isn’t adding value to you and your customers.

What are people saying about the Level Up Your Business Masterclass?

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"I really loved the Masterclass. It helped me look deeper at the 3 elements of vision for the business. One very specific actionable insight for me was the focus block. I scheduled one last Saturday for creating the new business plan. It was so productive. Thank you so much!!" - Allan M, Spa Owner

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"I get to be with one of my favorite business minds who is Crista and she is teaching me... to sit down and figure out what my vision is and then take the time to dive deep and make my vision a reality through step by step 90 day plans, daily plans, weekly plans, and it feels really empowering to take the time and know that everything is manageable basically, and that... it’s really important as business leaders to really take the time to work ON the business.- Jennifer J, Global Ecommerce Jewelry Brand

"I thought you provided so much valuable and useful content.  Your masterclass was very organized and besides the content in general and focus blocking in particular, I've learned that I have to have systems in place.  Your business moves so much smoother with systems. Just seeing how seamlessly your class ran was impactful." - Ali C, Business Consultant


Meet Your Host and Leader

Crista Grasso is an international lean business consultant, coach, and accessory brand owner. As the creator of both the Lean Out Method and the 90 Day Lean Out Planner, Crista has been helping businesses achieve accelerated results and increased profitability for two decades.  

Known as the "Business Optimizer", Crista has the ability to quickly cut through the noise and focus on optimizing the core things that will make the biggest impact to grow and scale a business.

She specializes in helping businesses identify the most important things they should focus on right now that will drive maximum value for their customers and maximum profits for their business.

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