Gamechanger Business Mastermind

Experience exponential growth in this powerful 12-month high touch coaching and mentorship experience

Join Us Starting in June 2020

For those who are serious about up-leveling their business and desire personalized attention from a seasoned business leader and coach

Let's make this your breakthrough year where you lean out and level up your business to uncharted heights.



Quarterly Planning Events including 2 Live In-Person Retreats Each Year

Join us on the West Coast or East Coast for 2 powerful retreats where we spend 2.5 days together in both June and January working ON your business.  

In between our live retreats are 1/2 day virtual quarterly planning sessions in April and October.



Group Mastermind and Strategic Planning

We meet together as a mastermind group every month:

  • June & Jan: 2.5-day live in-person retreats
  • Oct & April: 1/2 day virtual quarterly planning
  • July, Aug, Sept, Nov, Dec, Feb, Mar, April, May & June: 2-hr strategic planning and accountability roundtables

Between sessions the collaboration and conversations continue in our Private Facebook Community exclusively for Mastermind members.


Private 1:1 Coaching with Crista

We've saved the best for last.  Also included are four 45-minute private 1:1 coaching calls with Crista, one per quarter.  This is the only way to work with Crista 1:1.

And if you decide you need more private coaching, you get access to exclusive opportunities to work with Crista that are ONLY available to mastermind members.


Who Is The Mastermind For

For the driven and passion-fueled business owner who has been running her current business for at least one year and is in the growth or scale stages of business. 
Does this sound like you?
    • You have clarity on your target market and a proven business model and are looking for advanced growth and leveling up strategies.
    • You are fully committed to leaning out and doing less to achieve more.
    • You are ready to build or grow your team, your systems, and optimize income opportunities.
    • You want to leverage a community of like-minded powerhouse women to accelerate your results and want to GIVE as much support, encouragement, honest feedback, and accountability as you RECEIVE.
Is your current objective to?
  • Accelerate cash flow and maximize profits
  • Simplify and systemitize your business
  • Shift from a state of constant hustle and working around the clock, to creating more time and space in your schedule for what matters most to you
If this sounds like you, we'd love to have you join us!  Now accepting applications for June 2020.

Your Investment

$1,250 per month x 12 months

You will get results and see a positive ROI (typically many times more than your investment), but only if you fully commit to doing the work and showing up - for yourself, your business, and your fellow mastermind members. 

Please only apply if you are serious about putting in the work and going all in for the full year. 

What's Included

  • 2 Live In-Person Retreats ($5,000 value)
  • 2 Virtual Quarterly Planning Sessions ($2,000 value)
  • 8 Strategic Planning Sessions ($4,000 value)
  • Access to Lean Out Accelerator Program ($3,500 value)
  • 4 Private 1:1 Coaching Calls with Crista ($3,500 value)
  • Access to a small intimate community of powerhouse women who are trailblazers, dream chasers, and magic makers, just like you (absolutely priceless - we've been told this alone is worth the investment)

Gamechanger Bonuses

Bonus #1

Access to a full 12-Months of the Lean Out Accelerator Program

Also included is access to our Lean Out Accelerator Program where you can access premium resources to help you lean out and level up your business - things like:

  • LIVE weekly calls with training and Q&A to keep you on track and focused on your goals, 48 total
  • Monthly Challenges focused on increasing productivity and profitability, 12 total
  • Resource Vault of micro-courses, guides, and templates to continue leaning out and profiting more

$3,500 Value


Bonus #2

4 Hard Copy 90-Day Planners

We'll ship you a 90-day Lean Out Planner every quarter, in your choice of color.  It will accelerate your results and keep you on track every 90 days.  A must have tool for every small business owner and entrepreneur.

$170 Value


Bonus #3

Exclusive Access to Private VIP Days with Crista 

With a 15-month waitlist for 1:1 coaching and consulting, the ONLY way to currently work with Crista privately is through the Gamechanger Mastermind, and VIP Days she makes available exclusively to mastermind members and retreat participants. 

This is an optional benefit to those who want to invest in additional 1:1 coaching with Crista at any point throughout the 12 month mastermind.


Bonus #4

Mini Photoshoots 

Get fresh next level images for social media and the web with a private mini-photoshoot included at each live retreat.

That's 2 batches of new photos throughout the year, making it super easy to keep your branding and personal image on par with the exponential growth your business will experience.

$500 value


Are You In?

Summary of What's Included

  • 2 Exclusive In-Person Planning Retreats
  • 2 Virtual Quarterly Planning Sessions
  • 4 Private 1:1 Coaching Calls with Crista
  • 8 Strategic Planning & Accountability Calls
  • 4 Lean Out Planners, 1 per Quarter
  • 2 Private Mini-Photoshoots at the Retreats
  • 24x7 Private Online Community - ask questions, share wins, and get immediate support
  • Small intimate group of only 8-12 business owners, allowing for maximum connection and individualized attention
  • BONUS:  12 months of the Lean Out Accelerator Program which includes:
    • 48 Weekly Training + Q&A Calls
    • 12 Monthly Challenges focused on increasing productivity and profitability
    • Resource Vault of micro-courses, guides, and templates


By Application Only


*Why we share the price of our high ticket coaching programs

We know that most coaches and consultants do not share the price of their high ticket coaching programs on their website.  But we aren't most coaches or consultants...  We always believe in full transparency so there is no hiding the price and making you hop on a "discovery call" to try to convince you of the benefits and to join.  That is so NOT our style. 

We trust that you can see the benefits for yourself and that you are only applying if you are serious and believe this mastermind is a good fit for your next level of business growth.  You can trust that we will only accept you if we also feel it is a good fit, for both you and the other mastermind members. 

If it does seem like a good fit on our end after we review your application, we'll send you a link to register.  No discovery call needed.  However, if you have any open questions or want to talk to us before making a decision, we are always more than happy to set up a virtual lean coffee date to chat. 

It is important to us that you feel excited and ready to get started because once you are in, we want you to be all in so you can realize all of the benefits possible with this one of a kind gamechanger mastermind experience.


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