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6 Months

Ready to scale your online business to 7 figures, and do so in a simple and sustainable way so you don't have to trade your personal life and freedom for your next level of business growth? 

The Simplify to Scale Business Accelerator is a 6-month group mentorship experience for established businesses looking to consistently achieve their goals, get more time back in their day, increase profitability and impact, build / grow their team, and simplify and systematize everything they do. 

You get a dedicated accountability coach to meet with monthly in addition to weekly group calls and expert trainings and planathons with Crista.




3 Days - Jan 11th - 13th, 2022

The #LOLURetreat brings together a small group of powerhouse women who are trail blazers, dream chasers and magic makers and it blends the practical with the transformational.

Success isn't about doing more. It's about finding the few things that will make the biggest impact and optimizing the shit out of them.

Instead of starting the new year with an overwhelming list of things to do, this retreat will give you clarity and focus, and a roadmap for success and scale for YOUR business, wrapped into an unforgettable 3-day experience.




1 Day + 30 Day Check In

The 1-Day Business Intensive is a combined strategy, planning, and execution session where we dive deep into your biggest business opportunity right now.

This is your day so you choose what we focus on so you can move your business to the next level and get a maximum return on investment.

Common areas of focus are creating a 90 day strategic plan for next level growth, upleveling and optimizing your offers, reimagining your business model, creating your sales funnels and marketing process flows, creating your lean out plan to regain time back in your day, etc.




90 Days

You've got big goals to grow and scale your business. Let's work together for the next 90-days to accelerate achieving them (longer engagements available upon request).

You can expect accelerated goal achievement, a clear and realistic 90-day plan so you know the right things to be working on to reach your goals, honest feedback so you avoid costly mistakes and wasted time, strategic advisory, accountability, and support every step of the way to keep you on track and focused, and an individualized approach to helping you achieve your goals, sales, and growth targets so you remain differentiated and are never a cookie-cutter copy of others in your industry.



Have Questions on Which Option is the Best Fit? 

Looking for a Custom Consulting Package to Lean Out and Level Up Your Business? 

Crista Grasso


Crista Grasso is an international lean business consultant, coach, and accessory brand owner. As the creator of both the Lean Out Method and the 90 Day Lean Out Planner, Crista has been helping businesses achieve accelerated results and increased profitability for two decades.  

Known as the "Business Optimizer", Crista has the ability to quickly cut through the noise and focus on optimizing the core things that will make the biggest impact to grow and scale a business.

She specializes in helping businesses identify the most important things they should focus on right now that will drive maximum value for their customers and maximum profits for their business.

Client Experiences Working With Crista

"It has been an incredible experience, I have learned so much through the work we’ve done that has helped me go from having a lot of different ideas about my business to really narrowing it down and focusing, and really leaning out my business model. That level of focus that I now have is something I am so grateful for and it’s truly incredible."

- Alayna D, Graphic Design Agency

"If you are looking to expand the way you are doing your business, this has not only helped expand my business and the possibilities of the activities I could do to improve my business, but I’ve also met the most amazing, high vibrational soulpreneurs that I’ve probably met in my life. It's amazing to meet people who actually inspire you to take new actions in your business, to be more experiementive, to be more open to feedback that maybe you haven’t implemented in your business so far. That is what has happened for me. 

I have a game plan moving forward of what I’m going to do in my business, things I kind of already knew I was going to do, but now I actually have the activities and the actual quarterly game plan that is there to help hold me accountable to achieving my goals, not only this year, but many years to come. So, if you’re looking to level up you your business and simplify if – this is the key thing – creating more space in your life so you can take care of your mind body and soul, and have a plan to achieve your financial goals, I can’t recommend this more."

- Angel Q, Coach to Soulpreneurs

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"This helped me figure out what the next step is and how I need to achieve it and where I need to go with it by breaking it down into smaller projects and smaller action items in order to help me achieve the goals that I want to set and I want to achieve for my business so I can make it as profitable as I possibly can. It’s great for people who need to learn how to lean out their business and be successful and just get rid of all that scatter and all that spaghetti they have in their head, and spinning their wheels, and trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t work, so this is a great way for people to figure that out. So, thank you Crista and thank you to her team."

- Jeanne M, Spa Owner

"It has been a very unique and reflective experience for me. A) because I get to be with one of my favorite business minds who is Crista and she is teaching me a method that gives me the space to sit down and figure out what my vision is and then take the time to dive deep and make my vision a reality through step by step 90 day plans, daily plans, weekly plans, and it just feels really empowering to take the time and know that everything is manageable basically, and that we don’t’ have to get stuck in the rut of working on our business every day and that it’s really important as business leaders to really take the time to work on the business.

I think what’s also really wonderful and unique about this experience is that I’m also able to surround myself with other amazing and inspiring business owners who have unique perspectives and experiences and we’re all able to mastermind together, so not only do I get Crista’s brilliance and guidance, there’s also this great wealth of other information, support and help of other women business owners. So, I think if you want to level up your business, Crista Grasso is absolutely the woman you want to work with."

- Jen J, Ecommerce Jewelry Brand

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"As an entrepreneur and screenwriter, I’ve been doing this work for over a decade and it’s been so amazing just to have this space and time to sit down and learn how to optimize my business and lean it out. I had absolutely no idea how complicated I made my business, how I wasn’t using certain resources effectively, how much time I was spending on activities and things that really weren’t lending themselves well to my bottom line. I just feel like I’ve had so many light bulb moments, it’s absolutely floored me.

Now, not only am I walking away knowing that my business will be even more profitable, I know that I will be able to spend less time in my business and more time on my business, and even more important than that, I’ll be able to focus on activities that feel more pleasurable to me and really allow me to operate in my zone of genius. The lean out method is just mind blowing. It’s just amazing."

- Melissa C, Entrepreneur and Screenwriter

"Crista's method has taught me that small focused goals lead to the big picture and the vision, and the reality is you accomplish more with less.

In the beginning of my journey with Crista, I would flounder, push out other ideas, create more work, more avenues, Crista reeled me in every time. We went back to her Method...and every time it brought me back to my short term goals that I would focus back on and accomplish. I was tired of spending years having new ideas, goals then getting overwhelmed and not completing them or at least not to my liking.

Crista is honest, trusting, she listens, she guides with your vision in mind, backed by her expertise to know what the consumer wants, how to plan and market to them and do it in a way that is authentic to me and my business. Thank you Crista for being a coach that not only helps propel the business, but propels the person to ensure that wellness and self-care are part of the journey, so I can enjoy the journey, not lose vision and feel great about it along the way."

- Jenny L, Yoga Therapist and Lifestyle Advisor

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