Looking for a proven and comprehensive program that gets you out of the day-to-day operations of your business?

Of course you are! Because...

You've got magical shit to do...  

Lives to change... 

Legacies to leave...  

And a rich fulfilled life to live...

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You can't do that when you're stuck putting out fires, working all the damn time, and feeling exhausted from having way too much dependent on YOU!

It's time to build the ecosystem that allows you to scale sustainably

That's what we do with you inside:

Ops Academy Is a Robust 12-Week Operations Accelerator that Blends Self-Paced Implementation With Private 1-on-1 Advisory and Support

Imagine where your business can be in only 3 months when you implement the strategy, planning, systems, and team that enable you to accelerate making your big bold vision and goals a reality and fully step into your rich fulfilled life!

S2S Ops Academy is where smart business owners go to scale simply and sustainably.

Recommended for you as the CEO or your Operations Lead, but no need to choose - we give you both access.


We recommend that you start here!

Looking for ready-to-implement systems and frameworks to simplify and scale?

If you're not yet ready for Simplify to Scale Ops Academy but...

You want to build out your high-performing lean dream team, implement lean strategic planning practices, or save loads of time building out your systems and processes...

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We've got you covered with:

A library of expert proprietary systems, templates, trainings, and tools you can instantly access, adapt, and self-implement


Looking for a trusted business strategist and advisor to be by your side as you scale?

Sometimes you need 1-on-1 advisory and partnership in order to think bigger and reimagine what's possible for you and your business...

Options range from one-off strategy sessions and VIP Days to ongoing 6 - 12 month engagements.

Crista includes a unique and highly effective blend of coaching, consulting, and advisory, with access to resources and systems to accelerate your results.




Questions on which offer is the best fit for you? 

Schedule a consult call to explore.

Hi, I'm Crista Grasso, a Business Strategist and creator of the Lean Out Method® and the Lean Business Scaling System™.

I have spent the past 2 decades helping businesses scale in simple and sustainable ways and adopt lean and agile ways of working - from the largest Fortune 50 companies in the world, to coaches, consultants, and online experts like you.

Today, I specialize in working with service-based businesses to implement a complete ecosystem for scaling success that allows the business owner to elevate their focus to thought leadership and legacy work instead of having to constantly put out fires and feel stuck in the day to day.

I am often referred to as the "Business Optimizer", due to my unique ability to help people quickly cut through noise and complexity to identify simple and aligned solutions to achieve the big bold vision they have for their business and their life.