Leading as a Bold, Brave, Female Entrepreneur with Amber Hurdle

loyb podcast Mar 29, 2022

Being a bold, brave female entrepreneur doesn’t mean you never fall down; it means that when you do fall down, you get back up, because if you don’t quit, it will get better. Amber Hurdle is living proof of this. 

From navigating being a teen mom and working multiple jobs to provide for her baby, to having to completely re-envision her business when she lost 18 months of speaking engagements and coaching clients almost overnight as a result of the pandemic, Amber models leading as a bold, brave, female entrepreneur.

She is the CEO of Amber Hurdle Consulting, a multi-award-winning consulting firm that pioneers using both science and marketing principles to strengthen customers’ brands from the inside out.  She helps female entrepreneurs overcome costly business problems like ineffective recruiting, turnover, underperformance, declining morale and leadership gaps by clearly connecting her clients’ people strategy to their business strategy, reminding her clients to lead with their heart first and that a little bit of grit goes a long way. 

On Episode 65 of The Lean Out Your Business Podcast, Amber and I discuss:

  • What it means to be a bold, brave, female entrepreneur
  • The 4-steps of leading like a bombshell
  • What it looks like to start from zero each day
  • A better way to look at “failure”
  • How to know when it’s time to quit
  • How the mantra “simplify to amplify” can change your life and your business
  • What to do if your entrepreneur eyes are bigger than your belly (aka the amount of time you have in a day)
  • Why being weird is a good thing, especially for entrepreneurs 

 "Keep your head down and just keep going because one day you're going to look up, and you're going to look back and you're going to see all the bricks that you laid, and then you're going to look at the mansion that you built yourself." - Amber Hurdle

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Welcome to the Lean Out Your Business Podcast, a show dedicated to helping entrepreneurs accelerate business growth in simplify success. I'm your host, Crista Grasso, and I've been working with businesses for more than two decades to help them lean out and optimize what's working, while eliminating anything that's not adding value. So if you are ready to get more time back in your day, more profit in your business, and to do business differently growing and scaling on your terms. Let's dive into today's episode.


 Hello, and welcome to another episode of the Lean Out Your Business podcast. Today we are going to be diving into how to lead as a bold, brave female entrepreneur. And today I'm joined by Amber Hurdle. And I am so excited that she is here because she is a total rock star, total badass. And we are going to be talking all about leading bravely which I think is just great. And there's so much that she has to share on this. So let me tell you a little bit about Amber and then we're going to go ahead and dive in. So Amber hurdle helps leaders confidently define and position their value so they can maximize their influence their focus and their results. She's a dynamic professional speaker and CEO of amber hurdle consulting. And she pioneers using both science and marketing principles to strengthen brands and leaders from the inside out. She is the author of the Bombshell Business Woman How To Become A Bold, Brave Female Entrepreneur, which we're going to be talking all about today. And she is the host of the Bombshell Business Podcast, which you're going to have to tune in and listen to my interview on her podcast also. So, Amber, welcome. I'm so excited that you are here today.



Well, thank you for having me. I'm glad that we I feel like this has been on the books for a while and I was checking my calendar. I'm like, is it time yet? It's like Christmas. But yeah. Today, I was like today's today.



Guys, you are going to love this conversation. Amber is absolutely amazing. But the reason like there are so many different things that we could have talked about today. But one of the reasons I wanted to really focus in on leading as a bold, brave female entrepreneur is because I feel like that is just what characterizes you so incredibly well. And one of the things that I wanted to start with because why not just like dive right into it is I know when the pandemic hit for you, it was you know, it was a bit of an impact. It was a bit of a roller coaster ride. And I think when I think of bold, brave female entrepreneur, I think it's someone who just keeps on going and who rolls with what gets thrown at them. And so can you talk a little bit about to you what being a bold, brave female entrepreneur means and then share a little bit of your journey.



Whoa, well, I think being a bold, brave female entrepreneur doesn't mean that you're unshakable. It just means when you fall down, you get back up. That's, that's it. And when I take people through, and I've been posting a lot on social media about this lately, when I take people through the process that I coached through, it's really the process that got me through and then I used it with other people. And now it's my system. So it's always about checking in first with your heart, like, and let me just let me go through this as it relates to the pandemic, because I went to my beach house with my husband and my son, his friends and within 48 hours, 18 months worth of speaking engagements suddenly disappeared. Because right, when we were in at the beach, was when the United States was like, Oh, snap. This is a whole thing here too. Like it was just kind of in New York before. And I was like, no, no, this is the thing. So, so that happened. And then within two weeks of that a lot of my consulting clients dried up because they were in industries that were very much impacted like hotels, luxury hotels, and entertainment. And so you know, fortunately, I was in a position where it didn't cripple me right away. 

But I knew immediately that I was going to have to remodel my business. So the way I saw it was just like, the universe just came in, and like shoved everything off my desk. And then it was my choice of what I was going to pick up off the floor and put back on my desk. So it's a little bit of cleaning house. And it was a little frustrating at the time. I was about eight years old. I guess I'm about nine years old now. Or more than that, I don't know, we'll just say eight year old business startup-like, but I was starting from experience at least this time, I wasn't totally clueless, like when I first started. So I was like, Okay, first, the first thing we have to do, using my process, we have to check in with my heart. What do I really want? What do I really want not at what am I doing? Because I've said yes to too many things I should have said no to and now I have the responsibility of it. But what do I do? I really want now that I met net zero, and I can do anything. How can I carefully rebuild this? According to my heart's desire? That was the first thing, once we understand, like what my soul is telling me, now we have to go to our mind and create the strategy. 

So I had to literally remodel my business, I had to decide what are my revenue streams, like, how many units do I have to sell? You know, what, what's my overhead? Like? Am I going to change anything? Do I need to let anybody go, I ended up hiring people, I ended up having more vendors and more tools in my tech stack than before. So coming up that strategy with your mind. The third thing, and I think this is a really important part for bombshells. And this is where I tend to get emotional. Because I stand up on stages. And I talk about being a teen mom, and what that taught me. And then afterward, women come up to me and they tell me their stories. And a bombshell has friggin grit. And that's the third step is you have to remember where you came from. If I could have raised a kid at 16 years old, and like gotten through 2008, with a very successful celebrity event planning business, like I got this pandemic thing, you just you have to pull from those dark places, because those dark places, is what reminds you of who you are when you're faced with darkness again. 

So then once you go through through the gripping process of going through this kind of self-coaching process, then you have to go and, you know, find your people have your community. Before we even started recording, I told you like I wouldn't tell just anybody this, but I know you, I see you. And you're my people. And so surround yourself, ask for help from me, my people, my speaker, family, you were there. I mean like you surround yourself with people who get you and are there to cheer you on. And then the final step is service, like, you didn't go through all that to keep to yourself, you know when you can turn around and use what you learned in service to others where you can pay forward what that community did for you when you can go back to that community and serve them with your learnings. That's where the full cycle comes all the way through. So I took myself through that process. And as we mentioned, it's I'm not off the roller coaster yet. I mean, I had a fantastic like this already. q1 is amazing. But I am a startup. I'm a startup again, good times. But I'm a bad mama jamma, too. And I would use different words, if we were you know, I don't know how many kids are in the car listening to this.



I just, I love your resilience. I love your approach. And I love your model, it makes so much sense. And to me it's almost a blessing in disguise when you have things taken off your plate where you can start from zero and rebuild as you said, you had the choice of deciding what you're putting back in. And I think the reality is we all have that choice every day. It just can feel like we don't.



That's right. Yeah, I talk about Gertrude, she's the bee that sits on my shoulder and meaning in India and tells me all the ugly things and tells me that I can't and tells me that I shouldn't or I don't know better, you should trust yourself or you should be angry with yourself because of that decision. And so every single day, you have to tell Gertrude to shut up. And so yeah, I mean, a global pandemic leaned out my business and my life. As you know, I also ended up discovering I was getting a divorce. So, you know, it was just it was like the one-two punch. But I just told her to shut up every single day. And I chose to see it as a blessing. And it is like, I'm so happy with how my business is set up now. And how clear I am. And I'm not, I'm not bending or I didn't do a ton of bending, but like certainly, to accommodate my relationship and my responsibility as a partner in a unit. I don't have that anymore. My son is in college, I'm an empty nester, both of my kids are grown. If you don't count my dog that is rules my life. And you know, it's just things are different. And I can make different choices that honor Me first. And that's the first time in my life I've ever been able to do that.



What an amazing place to be in so many ways. Even though you get there unexpectedly sometimes it really is. It really is a gift to be able to really make those choices and just see things from a completely fresh perspective.



Yeah, as like, God, the universe, whatever word makes you comfortable. It is like God was saying like, Okay, you preach self-love. You're about to get like a PhD level on this. Like, okay, okay, I'm picking up what you're putting down there. daily practice. That's how I get stronger. Here's a whole big life experience. A lot. A whole next level. That's right, you're about to get really good at self-love. And that's because we're going to like here he Oh, is that not enough? plates on your bench press like, let me hand you a Buick. Here you go. That's the level of self-love that I'm going to expect to view carry on.



So what advice would you give somebody who's in that place? Right? Maybe they don't feel super brave or super bold or super confident and maybe life or their business or you know, a whole lot of things are just getting thrown at them. What advice do you give, you know, beyond your method to really just get in that place of being able to move forward and keep that momentum going?



Yeah, I think there's two things. One, is to get grateful. And the other one is to get curious. So we can lament, and we can wallow in our self-pity, and don't get me wrong. I have had a pity party, or 20 or 30, in the past couple of years, but so like, do it, put your party hat on, you know, pour your champagne or vat of bourbon or whatever your flavor is, and then like, and then tell yourself, okay, now it's time to find the good in this, if you don't start looking for the good in it, you're never going to get out of the darkness. If you cannot turn on just a little lamp in the darkest corner, you're not going to get out of it. So you know, I was just like, okay, cool. I get to start over. And I get to learn new things. And I get to go back to a model that I really enjoyed before and didn't feel like I could pursue because I had these other things going on. And I'm grateful for this, that and the other. And so whether that's a daily gratitude journal, whatever that looks like, just being grateful to somebody else, when somebody calls you, it's like, how are you doing? Like, I'm so grateful for these three things. And then you can vent after that if you want to, but start with gratitude. It chemically is a chemically, it's I know, it's scientific, I don't want to say the wrong thing. I'm a little bit tired today. I didn't sleep well last night. But it does shift how your brain operates and perceives things when you practice gratitude. And then the second thing is to get curious. So we judge ourselves. Oh, I'm so good at judging myself. Like, I'm super pro at that.



You too. Are over here at that one. Yeah, yeah, we get our trophies.



And so if you're not judging yourself, and if you're more like curious, like, that's what I had to really double down on, is, I wonder why I'm feeling this way. I wonder why my body is experiencing this right now. I wonder why that door closed? And what that then allows me to look at differently. I'm curious that if I took this path, and I asked this person for help, how, where would that get me? It's like, did you ever read that? Choose Your Own Adventure books? When you're a little girl,



I was obsessed with those books.



Right? I mean, like, and then I would play, you know, some of them. I was like, I always I'm going to choose this one because that's the outcome I want. But for the most part, I did like exploring going down different adventures. Do that with your life. If you fail, it's not failure. It's just data. It's just like, oh, okay, well, I thought that would work. But it doesn't. So now we're going to put that on the shelf because that didn't work, or we'll put it in the trash can. And we're going to move over here and try this. That's what you get to do when you're curious. And you're not constantly judging yourself or others.



Yeah, and you just said something that was complete gold there. So I want to say it again, guys write this one down. It's not failure. It's just data. Yeah, like, so good. And so true. Because I think it's so easy to judge and get into the Woulda, Shoulda COULDA, like, Why did I do that I should have done it differently. I should have done this, I could have tried this. And it's just, just, just data, like, I love how you say all the time, stop shitting on yourself and muster baiting, okay. It's not good luck. Just don't do it. And, and then like, but track it. Like, if you're going to, if you're gonna treat it as data, then track it. Like it is data. And I think women get really hung up a lot on money when we have we think if we're spending money on our business, or spending money on ourselves, we can't do that. Because our kids need new shoes and a designer bag when they're only 11. And like all these things. And it's not. It's not helpful. You're not investing in yourself, you're investing in your business which you have a fiduciary responsibility to do, like that's your job. And so sometimes you have to take a risk, and you have to spend money and then you're gonna be like, Oh, crap, I if I told you girl, how much money I've spent trying to figure things out. I mean, like some women on listening to this would be like, Holy hell, but I'm like, You know what, at the end of the day, I got to hear like, I'm just thinking of one example. The end of the day I got to here. I don't believe I could have gotten there without this which required that spend and so while I didn't necessarily make the money back on that investment like I thought I would, the opportunity cost of not getting here is probably in the millions.



I tell the story all the time I lost I mean hundreds have 1000s of dollars in my first jewelry business, trying to scale it. And I scaled very quickly. And I followed a business model that I shouldn't have followed, I listened to kind of the wrong people. And I, you know, I, my business is now very profitable and very successful. But it took me years and years and years to dig myself out of that debt that I got myself in. But I went out and ended up launching another business. And within two weeks, I made the same amount of money of the debt that I had accumulated in my first business. And so it took me I mean, like, probably, I don't know, five, six years to get myself back onto the debt in the jewelry business. But I was able to take all of that failure, which I'm saying in air quotes. And I was able to leverage all those learnings and apply that to something new, and immediately get to multi six figures in just you know, under two weeks, which it's sometimes it's hard to see when we're making those investments or those things that don't go well. But it does all work itself out and to your point. And that's probably been worth millions of dollars to me. I wish I could have done it differently if I had you know, my time. You know, I learned an awful lot.



Yeah. Talk about some learnings over the years, like, people know, like, you're so amazing. I'm like, wait if you want to sit how many weeks Do you have where we could talk about all the things that I did? It was so stupid. All the mistakes, like just the ridiculous things like that, like you don't have enough time for that. You heard 15 minutes of me telling myself just a few times, but a lot of good things because I need to edify you. But let's have a drink sometime.



Exactly. We always see the highlight reel.



Right? Well, and I say this to Michael Jordan did not make his high school basketball team. So what did he do? He went home, and he practice every night and he practice me practice. And then he made this team. And then he ended up becoming the goat in the NBA. Like, just because you don't figure something out immediately or even. I mean, even sometimes over time, like sometimes you have to know when to quit. But most of the time you quit right when you're at the cusp of what is possible. And I think that is I mean, I joke all the time that there's that. That passage of everything I ever needed to know about life I lived and learned in kindergarten. Well, I skipped kindergarten. So that didn't work for me. But everything I learned about life, I learned as a teen mom. And I just remember it was so dark. It was so exhausting. I worked four jobs.

 There were two nights out of every week that I didn't sleep for like nine months, because I went from job to job to job, I was miserable. I never got to see the child that I was working so hard to provide for I was my car was almost always going to be repossessed like I was BFFs with my finance company because we were always just trying to make it work. And I and they saw that I worked my butt off. And I was very transparent about like where I was. But I just kept saying that if I don't quit, it'll get better. And I had that hope. Like I believed that it was possible. I lived in the freakin United States of America. There's always a way and I was going to figure it out. And I never failed. Like I mean, don't get me wrong, I failed. But like I never, my car never got repossessed, I never got kicked out of the house. Like I figured it out in the end. And then one day, it was just okay. Like, it's like I woke up one day, and I was fine. And I wasn't struggling all the time. And I had a little extra money to go do something fun with my daughter. And I wasn't constantly figuring out like, Okay, let me go pick up another shift at the Applebee's because I'm not going to be able to pay daycare this week. What that taught me is to just keep your head down and just keep going because one day you're going to look up, and you're going to look back and you're going to see all the bricks that you laid, and then you're going to look at the mansion that you built yourself. And you get to be really, really proud about that.



Yeah, I mean, if that is not the perfect example of being a bold, brave female entrepreneur, or just bold, brave woman in general, I don't know what it is. So total Rockstar. One of the things I wanted to dive into you, you posted this on Instagram, and I saw and I was like love instantly. But you had shared that your mantra for this year is to simplify to amplify. And that is like what I'm all about, right? My core program is simplified to scale. Bring it up. What can you share more about why you chose that mantra? And how do you leverage it to guide your actions and your decisions and everything throughout the year?



Yeah, so what that looks like is, you know, throughout COVID, just for survival purposes, again, we ended up even though I was like yeah, I get to do whatever I want to do. You ended up having to say yes to things that maybe weren't perfect for you. And I did enjoy them. But you know, we both are, you know, connected to Allie Brown. And did she sent you the big leap before? Right? Yeah. So I've read that 100 times. I loved it. What I got in the mail from her, and that's the copy that I keep, but I read that once a year, Guy Hendricks talks about your zone of genius. And then like your zone of competence. And I feel like some of the things that I was having to say yes to pay the bills was just like, just in my zone of competence. So we kind of had all these things going on. And, and then like, lots of different tech tools, and it was just a little bit all over the place. And I was like, that's not what I was planning on. When I picked everything up off the floor, the only the things I wanted to put on my desk. So now that we've kind of like, and we know what our new normal is to use overuse term, PS new normal means just expect change.

 But at least we know, like, what the vibe is and who our people are. And so this year, it was like to just carve off anything, we're not offering anything that isn't for a very specific person. We've dwindled our tech stack down. Yes, there are some things that make our life a little bit easy in these particular areas. But if we just got rid of those, and we only stayed in these two software's to run the day to day operations, we're probably going to save more time than because having to do like one or two extra things that this other software did. Just simply by not coming in and out of things all the time and having to remember how to use different things. So and even just looking at like how much we take on I'm definitely I know the shock shoe. But My eyes are bigger than my belly when it comes to working. And I'm 42 I'll be 43 in October, and I have to remind myself, you're not 27 years old and any more. Like you don't have chill, you cannot work this hard anymore. And so just also simplifying what my day looks like. And then also, I kind of already did this, I continued to socially distance from some people. And after we were all out to hang out again, but I'm just, I'm pretty harsh, harsh isn't the right word.

 My boundaries are very clear on who I choose to spend time with. And, you know, we when we talk about that community part of, of the bombshell businesswoman coaching, process, framework. If your community is strong, I don't remember the exact quote. But Oprah said something about, like, make sure you have friends who will ride the bus with you, and not just the limo. And it's been really interesting how many people have shown themselves. So what I do for a living, I see people, I see them, I see them for their greatness. And I also see other things. And in the absence of having to maintain things because of a partnership that I was in, I can now say like, Hey, Peace be with you. I'm not judging you. I don't, I do not. I want all the great things in life for you. But where you are on your journey is vastly different than where I am on mine. And what you value in life is very different than what I value in life. 

And I'm only going to surround myself with people who are either at my energetic level, or they're striving to elevate their energetic level. Like, I don't want any more of that below-the-line energy, like if you're a gossiper, stay away from me, like, I have no time for that. If you want to talk about ideas, if you want to talk about the future, if you want to talk about the world business, we talk business all the time. And I'm all in for that. And, and so simplifying to amplify is also you might have a lot of acquaintances but decide on who are your friends, and who are you going to take your finite time to invest in.



So, so good. There's so many people that I just have had to really minimize the time that I spent with I will go once every you know few months and we'll go like grab dinner or something. But we don't talk and text every day like we used to. Because a very much like you I like to be in a place of possibility. I like to be in a place of self-improvement and self-development. That's just me. And I had a friend say to me one time, she was like, I don't know anybody like you who's so focused on learning and improving themselves all the time. Like why do you bother? I hear that all the time. I was like, okay, yeah, I think in this friendship had kind of, you know, moved on a little bit, but that if you're not interested in self-development and can't understand why I am that's it's time to move on. I have this one singed into my brain. I had somebody tell me, I'm not here to change the world. I'm just here for the ride. And I was like, Well, okay, like, you go for the ride, but I'm gonna go over here and try to change the world. Don't like, if I'm okay with you. Just here for the ride. Why can't you be okay with me over here like stepping into what I feel called to do? And like, isn't it a blessing?

 People spend their entire lives trying to figure out their life's purpose. I know mine, I wake up every single morning with an anvil on my chest saying, This is what you're to do today. And if you don't, you're going to be miserable. Like, what a gift. Like, if there's anybody in your life that keep that standing between you, and what you have come to this earth to offer other humans, they got to go by. And even like, you know, in my, in my early years, when I was young and dumb, and doing dumb things I learned then like, well, if I keep hanging out with these people, I'm probably not going to have good outcomes, because it seems like I keep having bad outcomes. And when I'm around these types of people, so maybe I need to go find different people. And as my career was growing, too, I've just always been in like luxury or around wealth and things like that. 

So just even being around people means it's not a money thing. It's how they think. It's how they present themselves. It's how they choose. Most people I know with a ton of money, you wouldn't know they have a ton of money. And I'm talking like obnoxious amounts of money. But you don't like I mean, they might have a Louis Vuitton or Gucci belt or some like that. Don't get me wrong, but they don't talk about it. They don't flaunt it. They're not, you know, and I've had people like sit me down and talk about investing and you know, budgets, and somebody taught me how to buy my first car, because those were the people I decided, like, I was like, Okay, I There's so much I don't know. So I'm just going to go hang around with smart people. I'm gonna go hang around people who already have achieved what I want to achieve. Like, listen, if your friend's current location, is hanging outside by your best friend's ride, that's not the person for you. Okay? Do not take advice from people who have not been to where you want to go.



Yeah, so good. And this is right now I'm in my Build To Scale program, everybody's getting ready to launch their scalable signature offer. And one of the women got really down, because she had shared her website with people for feedback. And somebody gave her constructive criticism, which I'm saying very much in air quotes. This was a friend, this wasn't a target customer, there was nobody who would buy what she was doing. And honestly, her feedback wasn't really all that helpful or valid. You know, really, it was her opinion. But from a true business perspective, and what she needed it was it, but boy did that massively derail her. And it's just, you know, I, we talked about it in one of our calls that you've got to, it's great to get feedback from people. That's one of the reasons why I love masterminds. I love being in group coaching programs, I love things like that, where you have people who get where you are, and get what you're trying to do and have your best interests at heart and want to support you instead of people who are just like, Oh, that's nice, but you should really do this. Right? And so it's such a difference.



Well, and first of all, asking people for an opinion, who are not your target market is just not a good thing. But because you're not going to get, you're not going to get feedback, that is good data anyways, it's like not it's not even relevant data. So even if they're like, it's amazing, that also doesn't count because they're not who you're they're not giving you their money. So, but the one thing I always want to remind entrepreneurs in general, but especially female entrepreneurs, we're weird. We're weird. We're weird people like and PS weird, if you look it up in the dictionary means supernatural. So I'm not insulting anybody. We are just different types of thinkers, we're different types of doers. The way that we look at the world is very different. And so I'm not saying don't have friends who are not entrepreneurs, but I think it's really critical to have a squad of entrepreneurs and really female entrepreneurs. I mean, don't get me wrong, I have my guys to smoking cigars with them in San Diego or not San Diego, pass Calabasas somewhere north of Los Angeles. But you have to have somebody who understands your journey. And then if you're an online marketer, that's different than a brick and mortar business. And so even that, I would say, Okay, well, you have entrepreneur friends who may be live in your town or whatever. 

But even though I live in Lebanon, Tennessee, Lebanon, spelled like Lebanon, the country, but do not say it that way. And I'm not insulting I have, you know, clients and friends and customers here. But there's a difference between running a brick and mortar business and like uniting with different people on the squares of like, promoting Thursday night shopping or whatever. And then understanding the grind of did I get my funnel Right? Or there is which word isn't working on my Facebook ad? You know, do I need to move from ConvertKit to ActiveCampaign? Or is Active Campaign overkill for me right now? I mean, like, those are our problems and I'm just picking some versus their problems which are equally as important, but just vastly different. They're not thinking about digital data. Have a game that we have to think about of the tracking of all the things and the AV testing and like all the stuff that we have to do online, you know, they can run some local ads and you know, throw a sandwich sign out. And it's just a different thing. It's a very different thing.



Yeah, completely. And so tell us how you work with people because I think you do create these amazing communities where people can come together and have that support. So tell us a little bit about what's coming up for you. And tell us a little bit about what you do. Yeah, so I help professionals and businesses define and position their values. So what that means is, I look at personal brands, I do a lot of speaking on personal branding. And I do a lot of coaching on personal branding. So I do have people data that I use different forms of people data, scientific, recent validity studies, not old stuff, like some of those tools out there. And then I work with companies on their employer brand, meaning what are people saying about your employee experience. So that's more of like the consulting side of things. And then I work with people on their business brand. So I do have a program that you can, you know, just get instead of paying somebody $10,000 to put together a brand guide, where you can be super consistent, your customer experience is very consistent, your look online is very consistent, your brand messaging is very consistent.

 You're crystal clear on who you're talking to, and what you're all about. And then also you can train your employees and your vendors and everything else. So that's velvet machete business branding. And then I'm also we are reviving the bombshell business boot camp. But we're before we get the online course back up and running, it will be an elite mastermind. So that is exactly what we're working on right now. Because what I have found are, like my ideal woman does not have time to go through a course, you have time to go through a course if that's what you can afford, because you will make the time because you have to learn. But these women are a little further a lot further along in their business. And they need peer support. They need that peer advisory, they need my eyeballs on things, and they want me and so if they want me then I have to create that ecosystem where it is not I want to say worth it. Because listen, I'd give my time away every day. It's something I had to overcome too. But it it it edifies me, because I love getting into businesses. I know you do, too. I love getting in there and like, but it's for me, it's head heart is my my. 

My mission statement for my business is empowerment and business mastery because you can learn all the business acumen that you want. But if you don't get over that crap from your past your childhood wounds, and if you don't tell Gertrude to shut up, and if you don't know how to bubble wrap yourself. And if you don't know, if you don't have self-awareness, if you don't know how to communicate, like none of this other stuff matters. And so the way that I approach things, I want to get in there with you. I want to have hard conversations, I want to hear about your bad boyfriend like I want to do that. And so that's we're creating an environment and we're going to limit it and there's going to be an application system. Because no half-answers. I only want people with grit to say that's it. No half-answers. Like a great model. Yeah, it's on my sales page. No half-answers. 



I love it. And that's a great community. And it sounds like such an amazing offer. So excited for that. So tell people where can they find you? And where can they find out more about what you do.



So you can go to Amberhurdle.com like amber waves of grain in hurdle like you would jump over hurdle at the Olympics. And that's really where everything is, I will say that the shoe cobbler kid has no shoes right now. We are dismantling everything and kind of putting it back together. And, and I'm doing I'm taking my eating my own cookies. So depending on when you listen to this episode, you know, just click around, find what you want. If you're interested in you know, the podcast is a great place to start. And I very much encourage you to listen to the episode. That's about the good, the bad and the ugly. It's networking. It's I don't know, probably around Episode 111 110, something like that. And then yeah, if you want to take the business course of the branding course than that is it's very affordable. It's self-paced, you get templates like everything's in there that you could possibly need. And we're happy to offer that now. We used to only do it in a workshop version, but now it's a digital course.



 I love it. Excellent. So everything will be down in the show notes. Alright, we're gonna round things out with my question. I asked everybody, I can't wait to hear what you say. But how do you work smarter, not harder and keep things lean in your business? Other than using simplify to amplify as yours For the year



I'm planning. So I am a very big EOS Entrepreneurial Operating System User. And I actually helped implement that in the organizations that need it. And what that does is it just keeps me very focused on what it is that I need to accomplish. And it helps me say no to things and it also helps my team. I'm a visionary, I'm not an integrator. And so I have an integrator, Amy is amazing. And as long as I can stay up here, and Amy can do her part, that's, that's rocket fuel, which is an EOS book, that dynamic of that relationship is critical. And then the l 10. Meeting, the level 10 meeting and just really going through what your rocks are and only addressing the things like as a check-in what are your KPIs, that sort of thing. And then IDs is identify, discuss and solve, and just sticking to these structures, and not wavering from them? Because, again, my eyes are bigger than my belly.



Aren't they always, always so much we want to do and only so many hours?



Right? That's right. And you know, we're so multi-passionate, most female business owners are very multi-passionate, it's like, I'm gonna do all the things and you're like crap, why can't I make money because you're trying to do all the things that's why focus.



Absolutely. Alright, so any final tips for someone who wants to lead as that bold, brave female entrepreneur and really step into that or step more into that this year?



Yeah, you already are that you know it, I know it. Everybody knows it. Everybody else in your life tells you that you're a rock star, everybody else tells you that you are Superwoman. But you don't believe it for yourself because of that one thing that you didn't do right yesterday. And so if you want to become that, start acting like it now if you want to become a bold, brave female, professional entrepreneur, wherever you are in your journey. Then think about if I was that how would I act today and start showing those behaviors and doing those tasks and behaving like it today and you will absolutely be at tomorrow?



I love it. Amber thank you so much. I loved everything that you shared such great golden this episode, everyone I hope you got so much value out of this we'll have to have you come back on and talk about personal brand in another interview in the future. But everyone you'll find Amber's details down below in the show notes and I will see you again next. Thank you for joining me for another episode of the lean out your business podcast. I hope you got a lot of value and actionable insights from today's show, and would love if you take a moment to leave us a review. If you have any questions on today's episode or on how to lean out your business. Join us over in our private Facebook community where every week we do live training and q&a. And I'd love to have you be part of the conversation had to lean out method.com/group to join us. And before you go, be sure to subscribe to the show. So you're the first to know when we release a new episode. We'll see you next week.


by Crista Grasso

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