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How To Market Your Genius And Unleash Your Full Potential With Nikki Nash

appreciating strengths authentic self conveying messages dream client lead generation marketing strategies Mar 15, 2021

Sometimes, the easiest way toward success is working smarter, not harder. By learning how to market your genius and embrace your true strengths, you're on the right path to building a great brand. Crista Grasso is joined by motivational speaker, podcast host, and author Nikki Nash to discuss putting yourself in alignment with your goals and core values to resonate in the greatest way possible with your chosen audience. Nikki explains how conveying a clear message, highlighting your uniqueness, and shrugging off all kinds of marketing doubts are the ingredients to business success. Most importantly, she underlines the one factor every successful entrepreneur must never set aside: authenticity.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • 1:35: Nikki's background
  • 3:23: How to take inspired action in your business according to Nikki
  • 5:25:  How to figure out what's right for you in your business
  • 9:02: How to get really clear on your message
  • 11:23: How to set yourself apart from your competitors with your messaging
  • 15:34: How to attract your dream clients
  • 18:00: Nikki's book, Market Your Genius
  • 19:26: How Nikki works smarter, not harder
  • 21:28 Where you can find Nikki


Listen to the podcast here:

How To Market Your Genius And Unleash Your Full Potential With Nikki Nash

[0:00:46] I'm excited to be bringing Ms. Nikki Nash to you. She is a podcast host, a Hay House author, a motivational speaker, and the Creator of The Genius Profit Society, which is a training and development company on a mission to equip entrepreneurs with the tools and resources they need to share and profit from their message. Nikki, welcome. How are you?

[0:01:13] I am fabulous. Thank you for having me on the show. I love talking to you.

[0:01:19] If you guys have not checked out Nikki's podcast yet, you're going to have to do that because we had an amazing chat on her podcast that you can catch as well. Nikki, let's dive in and talk about all things marketing. Tell people a little bit more about what you do.

[0:01:39] After an interesting pathway from wanting to be an actress to ending up in Journalism in college, to stumbling into marketing, I spent about a decade marketing Fortune 100 companies and tech startups, and then went out on my own. I realized that many entrepreneurs were in the community centers. I was in group coaching programs and masterminds. Many people were challenged with marketing. It was easy and fun for me. I realized that's where I could add a ton of value for entrepreneurs, especially as in how do you get more leads, get more clients, position yourself as an expert, but do it in a way that's fun, enjoyable and gets you results. As opposed to where many people I've spoken to feel as though everything that they do is way more effort than the results that they're getting, and they hate everything about it. Marketing is fun. It's a good time, so is the marketer.

[0:02:50] One of the reasons I wanted to have you on is I love that I feel like you walk your talk. One of the things that you did is you decided to launch a membership site. When you think about so much of the advice that's out there, it's high ticket offers, and you do these long masterminds or group coaching programs, and you chose to go in a different direction. I've been talking with everybody very much about inspired growth. You're such a great example of that. I want to know a little bit more about what made you make that decision in your business, and how can somebody else know their business? How can they grow in an inspired way? How can they do those things that feel fun, feel in alignment, don't feel super heavy, make them cringe, and not want to do what they need to do to grow their business?

"From day one in your business, you can take inspired action and follow your intuition." -Nikki Nash Click to Tweet

[0:03:39] I want to start off by saying that from day one in your business, you can take inspired action and follow your intuition. It's something that I wish I did. It's so unlike me that I didn't. The reason being is that there are a million ways you can build a profitable business. There are going to be a million people that give you a million different answers. All of those ways have probably worked for someone and worked for them. The goal is for you to find what makes the most sense for you, what brings you the most joy, and go all-in on that. I would say for myself, I felt called to build a membership. I felt called to do it because it brought together all of the things that I enjoy.

[0:04:22] I love teaching and training, answering people's questions, creating content, and helping people in a community setting. For a large part of my business, I had been putting out high ticket offers. There were community elements to it, but it wasn't as in alignment with where I wanted my business to grow, and how I wanted it to ascend people through a process of getting to know me and connecting with me. I decided to blow up my business. I said, “Screw everything that's worked for me before. Screw everything I'm doing. Let's start thinking about what would bring me a lot of joy, what I would have a lot of fun doing.” I was working on a book that I was putting out and I said, “I love writing. I love content creation. Can I create a business that's in alignment with me doing the things that I love?” I know I can. People have done it, so I decided to go all-in on that.

[0:05:25] What advice would you have for somebody else if they're like, “There's this thing I want to do, but it's different from what I hear or I'm not sure it's going to work,” because people have these same questions when it comes to their marketing strategy. How do you help them decide?

[0:05:40] First and foremost, nobody knows it's going to work. Even the people that are telling you that they have the way for your business to make millions of dollars through high ticket offers or through webinars or through whatever specific tactic that they're telling you, nobody knows if it's 100% going to work for you because they don't know your business, your gut, what makes you happy, what frequency or alignment you're on if you want to go woo-woo. They don't know. They know that they had a method that's worked for them and probably has worked for thousands of others. I bet you, it's also not worked for thousands of others as well. For you to figure out if it's right for you or not, you have to stay connected to who you are, what brings you joy and what feels right to you.

[0:06:26] I know for myself when I started my business, I was told, “You’ve got to start with one-on-one. You have to start with high-ticket.” I wanted to start with an online course or something because I'd been teaching workshops in person for years. That was technically my side hustle before I even knew side hustling was a thing. I did it because I hated my job, unfortunately. I was at a tech startup and I really enjoy teaching. I did it and I had a lot of fun and I made money, and it has also brought me a lot of joy. I wanted to bring that experience online and even do it live, but do it so that I can impact more people. I didn't do it because all of the advice that I kept hearing was, “High ticket and one-on-one.”

"You don't have to follow everybody just to get an answer or find happiness." - Nikki Nash Click to Tweet

[0:07:12] I'm not saying that's a bad way to go. I'm saying that it's not necessarily the way for everyone. When you're trying to figure out what works for you, you have to listen to yourself and go, “This feels right.” I know sometimes it's hard to figure out for some people if it feels right to go, when you hear about it, are you super excited or are you dreading it? Could you imagine yourself doing it every day for the next three years? Even if you fail at it, would you still get up and do it, or does the sound of that sound terrible? If it sounds terrible, it's not something that you're in alignment with. I know that I could create content every day, whether I knew a million people were watching it or not.

[0:07:54] I didn't always feel that way. When I started my business, I created content and I stopped creating content because I didn't think it was working. Even though it brought me joy, I stopped doing it because I was like, “I don't think this is working.” Had I stuck it out, I would have realized that it was working because people signed up to work with me later on. They're like, “I watched all of your videos.” I'm like, “You'd never commented once. How would I know?” I say all that to say, you want to think about what is going to make you happy, bring you joy, feel good to you, and then find somebody who's doing it the way that you want to do it, and learn from them. You don't have to follow everybody to get an answer. Follow the person that's building the business that you would like to have the way you would like to have it.

[0:08:43] That fits beautifully into the inspired growth theme that we've been talking about. The other thing I wanted to dive in that you do well is to me in business, one of the keys to keeping things lean and having a lot of success is having clarity and being focused. Let's talk about that in relation to marketing in your message. How do you get clear on your message?

[0:09:11] It's something that a lot of people struggle with, whether they're day-1 or day-5 in business. The thing that I would say when it comes to messaging is twofold. One is that your message won't always come from you. In fact 99% of the time, you will find that your audience will know what your message is and they will share them. You have to listen for what they're saying about you and saying to you, “It helped me when you said this. I like working with you because of this. I was telling my friend this about you.” When you can ask questions and listen to your audience, the people that are working with you or following you online, you will find commonalities and then you'll go, “That's my message.”

[0:10:00] To get started, you need to start somewhere. What I say to people starting somewhere is to figure out what's the one problem that you solve? Often people will say, “I solve lots of problems.” I'm like, “I'm sure you do, but which problem is causing all the other problems that you're also solving?” There's usually a core problem. When you can figure out the core problem that you're solving, or at least the core problem that you would be excited about and are uniquely qualified to market, then when you are coming at it from that angle of, “I hope people solve this problem. I have this unique solution. I have the solution to this problem,” that's your message until you have clarity from your audience, otherwise until they say, “This is what I got from you.” You can evolve and edit your message from there. Start with the problem you solve and with what your audience is saying about you in your message.

"People will choose to work with you when they resonate with who you are." -Nikki Nash Click to Tweet

[0:10:55] It makes things so much simpler. When somebody starts working with you, you can help them with all the things that you're good at, but get them in with that one core thing. It’s a very lean approach to things. We've got people who are considering working with you. You've got your message. It's clear on the problem that they're solving. How would they know to choose you over their competitors? How do you share what makes you different, but in a way where you're not bad-mouthing somebody else? You're just highlighting why they want to work with you.

[0:11:30] There are a couple of things that go to differentiating yourself in the market and helping people choose whether or not they want to work with you. A lot of that comes in from the marketing standpoint of what I call the dating phase. You're giving them all the information, mindset shifts and transformations that they need to powerfully choose if they want to work with you or not. On the flip side, you're qualifying that person to determine if you want to work with them or not. Just because somebody wants to work with you, it doesn't mean you want to work with them. It's like dating. Just because somebody is into you, it doesn't mean that you want to go on a date with them and that's fine.

[0:12:08] When you're trying to figure out, “How do I differentiate myself in this market?” You have to realize that people who are going to choose to work with you are going to choose to work with you because they resonate with who you uniquely are. Getting clear on, “What is it about me that my own clients like? What makes me unique and different from everybody else out there? What is it that I want to uniquely share with people?” Maybe you have your own process, methodology, sayings and things that you fundamentally believe that will differentiate you from other people out there. I always joke, “Lean into your strengths, but lean out of your business.” When you can lean into your strengths or double down on your strengths, your unique qualities, the things that make you unique, and that people resonate with, that's what will help separate you from your competition.

[0:13:09] There are tactical ways that you can think about, “What do they offer that I don't offer? What bonuses can I offer to sweeten the deal?” At the end of the day, people will want to buy products that they believe are going to work for them. The more transparent, open and on-brand you are about what they're going to get when they work with you, the easier it'll be for them to make the decision. People will work with me or choose to join my communities over certain other ones because they resonate with me. Sometimes that's not something that you can put on a piece of paper and say, “I am this. Everybody else is that.” I can say, “I know who I am. I know what our brand is. I know what we could believe in.” If we can reinforce that in everything we do, and remain consistent with that in everything that we do, that'll help people make the decision.

[0:14:04] The few people that I've chosen to invest in over the years, I invest in over and over again because I resonate with them. I'm more choosing to work with them than I am even for the thing that they do. The thing they do is important, but at the end of the day, it's them who I'm working with.

"Leaning into your strengths and unique qualities will help separate you from your competition." -Nikki Nash Click to Tweet

[0:14:23] If you need support on figuring out why people would choose you, the best place to go with is people who've already purchased from you. They're your best source of information. You want to know what your messaging is and what differentiates you, ask people who have experienced you because sometimes it can feel what you do, and I felt this way for a while. Even though I've been marketing, people are like, “It's tangible.” The way I do it, sometimes I don't even know how to describe it. I almost interview people, and then I tell them back what their messaging is or what their content plan should be or what their story is. They ask, “How the heck did you do that?” I said, “I don’t know. I’m just listening to you. This is what I heard you say.” I was marketing around it, but I said the same thing. I don't know how to say that sometimes but then, you have a client that says I'm their business doula or their content translator. When you start helping people and then asking them what they got out of it and how they would describe it to a friend, that's where more information will come from.

[0:15:34] I like also that you talked about being a little bit discerning in the dating analogy that just because somebody wants to work with you, you don't always want to work with everybody. How do you go about attracting your dream clients so you are getting those people that are a great fit for you?

[0:15:49] Attracting your dream clients is almost equally your job to repel the people who aren't your dream clients. Saying certain things that you believe over and over again are important. For who your dream target audience is or your ideal client, if they all want to have a podcast, and even though you may sell business coaching, but you believe everybody should have a podcast or you only want to work with podcasters, then say that. Say you want to create a podcast or you are a podcaster. This would be a great fit for you, “I don't have a podcast. They might not be right.” If your pricing is high and you keep getting on calls with people who don't want to pay any money, put your pricing on your website. Put, “Starting at,” that will deter people away.

[0:16:41] The more that you are you, on the one end, you'll attract people by being you. You also want to make sure that you're mindful of everybody's time. The more that you can say, “I get that you guys are down with what I'm throwing out there. I get that you're on the same frequency as I am, such that you're hearing my message, but I want to make sure that those who hear my message also know whether or not this program is right for them or not.” That comes down to not just being you, but sharing who it's for and not being afraid to qualify people, or not being afraid to tell people who it's not for, even if it wipes out half your market. It could be easy to go for people that have been in business for two seconds because that's more people than those who have been in business for ten years, or those making millions of dollars. If you only want to work with million-dollar businesses, then say you only work with million-dollar businesses, and that's fine.

[0:17:35] One of the things I talk a lot about is building up your super fans. You cannot create super fans unless you are very firm in what you believe, and you're polarizing sometimes in your content. One superfan is 1,000 times more valuable than 100 lukewarm people who just think you're interesting. Let's talk about you. What's going on? I want to know all about this book that you have coming out, which is exciting.

[0:18:07] We are in the editing phase of the book. I wrote somewhere around 45,000 to 50,000 words, which is crazy to me in such a good way. I'm excited about it. It's called Market Your Genius. It's all about how you can generate leads for your business, how you can get dream clients, how you can build that community of loyal tribe members. It is very much a marketing book, but it's also a business and think-about-what-you-want lifestyle book. I don't believe there's any point in building a business that makes you miserable. The book starts with non-marketing type things, or what most people would consider marketing things, “What does success look like to you? What will make you happy?” We start there and then build from that to creating, “Here's what you could offer, and now let's talk about how to market it.” I'm super excited about the book. It comes out on August 24, 2021. That's one of the biggest things that I'm working on.

"Attracting your dream clients is equally your job as repelling the people who aren't." -Nikki Nash Click to Tweet

[0:19:11] I cannot wait. It's such a great name because when I describe you, I always describe you as a marketing genius. I feel like the name of your business, the name of your book, everything is a great fit. We want to round this out with the same question that I ask everybody, and I'm dying to know your answer. How do you work smarter and not harder in your business and lean things out?

[0:19:38] I did this in a couple of ways. One of the biggest ways that I do this, and not everybody is down with this methodology but I love it, is that I hire a team to do very specific things over and over again. For example, I bring on somebody and they only work on my podcast. They only edit, they're the podcast guru. I have somebody who's going to be only YouTube or only micro-content. The reason why I do this is because then I can put in systems, structures and processes for everything, and this is exactly how we do stuff. People know exactly what to do and they're trained.

[0:20:20] A lot of my marketing is essentially content creation. I can do things like writing the book, put a chapter, or put the book somewhere and have one person go through it, pull out quotes, and put it in a document. Another person then turns them into cool graphics, or I could record a YouTube video that somebody looks at and edits the YouTube video, but then chops it up into smaller sound bites or video clips that we can then post all over social media. I'm all about doing something once and leveraging it as much as possible, and then making it easy for the team to go move forward without you having to tell them to do anything, without you giving them deep instructions. I recorded an episode, whether it's YouTube or podcast, throw it in Dropbox, and the person knows every certain day they go in, they're going to see a certain number of videos or audio files. They're going to do what they need to do with it and move on. I can focus on the thing that I am good at and that brings me joy, which is content creation.

[0:21:28] I'm all about systems. I think that is the key right there. Tell people where they can find you and tell them a little more about your podcast as well.

[0:21:38] I will start with my podcast, and that is also called Market Your Genius. Another way you could work smarter, not harder is to name everything the same thing. You don't have to think hard about what to call something or how to tell people where to find you. You can listen to my podcast on all of the platforms. The best way to get in contact with me, I have a free marketing bootcamp that is available at FreeMarketingBootCamp.com. It walks you through how you create a marketing plan that is in alignment with your strengths and talents that you can implement and validate, such that you're consistently bringing in those streams of clients and customers that you want.

[0:22:29] Nikki, thank you so much. This has been so much value. I hope you all love this episode. Nikki, I can't wait to have you back again at some point in the future, and we can talk even more about your book.

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