How to Leverage Photos to Up Level Your Brand with Lindsay Sullivan

branding loyb podcast photography Nov 30, 2021

How excited are you when it's time to get in front of the camera?

Do you love to have your photo taken or does it stress you out and you convince yourself no one really needs to see you front-facing of your brand?

Having the right photographer can help put your fears aside, help you feel more confident, and feel excited for each and every photo to take your brand to the next level.

Lindsay Sullivan is the Small Business Photographer and she knows you don’t have to lose a bunch of weight, or look like everyone else just to take good branding photos. What you need is a photographer who understands your brand and can translate your message into photos that will draw in your ideal client and align with your vision.  All while looking fabulous and showing who you really are to the people you are connecting with.

What to consider when planning your branding session:

Telling a story: You want your photos to evoke an emotion in the people seeing your photos. Showing them what it’s like to work with you, how you are helping them, and why they should trust you.

Behind the scenes: Show where you work, what the process of creating your products is like, things you use in your day-to-day life when working with your clients. i.e., paintbrushes, cameras, money, crystals, yoga mats, laptop, spreadsheets.

Set the mood: What sort of lighting do you prefer? Is your brand light and airy with lots of whites and bright neutral colors? Are you more into a smoky look with cool black and white tones? Or are you all about the colors and want everything to be bold and stand out. What suits who you are the best and showcase that in the lighting you take your photos in.

Get personal: What are the things that reflect who you really are? Do you have pets? What are your hobbies? These things help people relate to you on a more personal level. Love dogs, show them off. If you are an avid hiker show some nature. Spend a lot of time working out maybe add some gym theme things in. Whatever makes you, you, share that.


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How a branding session helps with your social media presence:

A branding photo session gives you back hours and hours into your months from having what you need in advance.

It takes the pressure off of not knowing what to post all the time. Having 50-100 photos taken in one session in a whole variety of outfits gives you so many more options and saves you so much time later on down the road. You will be able to have a cohesive social media presence that reflects who you and your brand are across the board.

You can put your photos on your website, sales pages, Instagram, Facebook, everywhere you might need a picture you have them to choose from. Instead of having to spend a bunch of time every week getting ready, taking a photo, and then writing the copy that goes with it. You will simply have a whole photo album ready to go to plug and play your captions into that will always be a true representation of your brand and who you are.

In a good branding session, you will have several outfits and room changes, add some props that suit you, change the lighting as you need and give yourself plenty of options, so you aren’t just using the same headshots or selfies over and over. You can pick a few themes to stick with that you can repeat over and over to really showcase who you are. If you love dogs or cats, hiking or the beach, if journaling is important to you then you can get photos of those things to sprinkle into your social media over time giving people a better idea of who you are and why they should get to know you and eventually work with you.

By doing a branding shoot you can also be preparing yourself for the things that are coming later in the year for your business. If you already know you are going to have a launch during the year you can get those photos. If you have seasonal sales for holidays, you can get those planned out ahead of time as well. When you know where your year is going to be going for launches, offerings, and things you intend to celebrate you can front-load all of those things in one great branding session.

Are you scared of how you will actually look in front of the camera? Or have you just never had someone take really good pictures of you?

You might be anxious in front of the camera because in family group photos or even friend photos you don’t look your best and you can just pick apart every little insecurity you have because it's not a flattering picture. That is going to have more to do with the person taking the photo than it has to do with how you already look which is beautiful and unique no matter what little things you might think could be better.

Working with a good photographer they are going to help you feel incredible in front of the camera. They will help you learn your best angles, they will get you in the best lighting, they will make the entire experience so much fun when you smile it will be a real smile. You should be wearing clothes that fit you that you also already enjoy and feel good in. Changing how you normally dress and look to present yourself to the world in a way you think it wants to see you rather than who you really are is going to make you feel stiff and uncomfortable. Being who you are and allowing the photographer to help bring out the best in you is going to help alleviate any fears you have of your own insecurities that others might see. Others aren’t looking for your flaws they are looking at who you are.


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0:08 Welcome to the Lean Out Your Business podcast, a show dedicated to helping entrepreneurs accelerate business growth in simplify success. I'm your host, Crista Grasso, and I've been working with businesses for more than two decades to help them lean out and optimize what's working while eliminating anything that's not adding value. So, if you are ready to get more time back in your day, more profit in your business, and to do business differently growing and scaling on your terms. Let's dive into today's episode.

0:45 Hello, hello everyone and welcome to another episode of the Lean Out Your Business podcast. Today we are going to be talking about one of my favorite topics which is brand photography, and I'm really excited to welcome Lindsay Sullivan to the show. She is the CEO and founder of the Small Business Photographer and she's a leading brand photographer who helps entrepreneurs star in gorgeous images for their social media for their website and for marketing Lindsay's signature brand photography sessions result in customized photos that really resonate with her client's brands and help them communicate their brand stories. So, Lindsay, welcome. I'm so excited that you are here today and to dive into brand photography.

 1:28 Awesome. Thank you so much for having me, Crista. I'm really excited to talk about brand photography could talk about that all day.

 1:33 Absolutely. And Fun fact, for all of you who are listening, you may or may not know this, but I was actually a photography major and in college. So, I love photography. And yes, we could definitely talk all day long. But let's start off for anybody who maybe isn't familiar with the term brand photography. Can you just walk people through? What is a brand photography session? How is that different from headshots and why would somebody want one?

 1:59 Yeah, totally. Yeah, so a brand photography session is really customizing your photography session for your brand. So, I want to be able to tell a brand story, really kind of evoke an emotion in your viewer. Also, show people what it's like to work with you let them know a bit more about you, and help them get to know like and trust you. And you can do that by you know choosing locations where you actually have your photography session done that can actually tell your stories, maybe you have your photos down where you work, like where you actually make your product or where you work with clients behind the scenes, those kinds of things.

You also look at your outfits your props, like things that you normally use from day to day life like for me it's my cameras that's a prop I often use my photos because someone else might be a paintbrush if they're an artist or someone else might be a calculator if they're like a financial consultant so kind of bringing in props that kind of tell the story and then poses to even tell the story and also bringing in your brand colors and looking at mood and style as well. So even the photography style like some photographers shoot dark and moody some shoot light in airy you want to make sure like the actual imagery matches your brand too.

And are often like a personal brand element in it too for people to get to kind of know like and trust you they like to know more about you like to know they have something in common with you so often with brand photography we'll take some photos of you doing things you love to do so like whether that's hiking or playing with your dogs or you're hanging out with your family those kinds of things reading a good book those are all things that you can kind of incorporate into your social media to help people get to know you and a lot of times they'll be like oh yeah I have dogs too And so all of a sudden you're no longer feeling like a stranger to them you're like you feeling like oh yeah, I know her a bit better so that's kind of white how it's different. A generic headshot is really very generic I think everyone kind of needs one for like their LinkedIn profile and stuff like that but it's not going to be telling a story you're not going to be helping them really get to know you and that's where the difference is I think with the brand photography but I'm giving an example if you like and just kind of walk you through like a brand session.

Yeah, definitely. Yeah.

Okay awesome. I have a holistic healer client for example. She does tarot card reading spiritual mentorship, sound healings other holistic services and she also has a very strong connection to Mother Earth and so for her generic headshot session you know in a business attire in a studio environment would not be on-brand for her at all. So for her what we would do we actually went out to a beautiful park and did some photos out there so it really tied into that mother nature that that natural environment and then we also did some photos for sitting under like a beautiful tree with her tarot card spread out. So the viewer can actually kind of picture themselves sitting across from her and being like, just kind of feeling what it'd be like to have her doing their tarot reading for them so it's kind of like getting people to feel like what it's like to work with you imagine themselves putting them in that position and being like yeah, I can imagine myself there you know.

Yeah, and even things like lighting too is really important for her brand. You know, we really wanted a mystical kind of magical look. So we went during golden hour, which is a really beautiful time of day where the sun's really soft and golden. And then we got some light some shots with her kind of backlit, so she's kind of glowing, and stuff like that. And so all of those things kind of tie in even her outfit, which was like a beautiful kind of bohemian dress, all of those kinds of things really kind of tied together to, to really show her brand, which is all about, you know, the divinity, the Divine Feminine mystical, Mother Nature. So really everything kind of ties into that one brand. So that kind of is an example of what it's like to be like a brand session for someone and it all depends on each person, right? Everyone's different financial consultant will be totally different, you know, a business coach would be totally different. So it's very customized.

5:40 Yeah, I love that example. I think that's such a great illustration of how it's more just showcasing to the world who you are and communicating that through the photos. And I think that's such a great example. And when we did my Lean Out Level Up Retreat last year in January, ironically, one of the people who were there is a tarot card reader. And so, we had done we include these mini brand photoshoots with everybody who attends. And even though we were all at the same location, everybody got such a dramatically different photo because they tapped into kind of their own brand elements. And we had everything from business coaches to tarot card readers to jewelry designers, we spanned, you know, the entire gamut of people. And everybody was able to capture their brand and their essence, just by leveraging all the things that you share at different locations, different lighting, different kind of vibe and moods, different clothing, it was really fascinating to see how in that one space, everybody was able to get pictures that really reflected them.

6:40  Yeah, that's awesome. I love the idea that you did that at a retreat, too. That's really cool. Like that.

6:44 Yeah, I always include that. So, for those of you who are joining me at the retreat in January, which Yes, you should be joining me at the retreat in January, there is a brand photoshoot included. But with that being said, where does somebody what's the best place to leverage your brand photos, right? So now that you've got these great photos, how do you actually leverage those in your online presence?

7:06 Yeah, so I'd say there's a bunch of different areas, you can use them, a lot of people will use them on their website. So the About Me page is a big one, but also throughout the website. So behind the scenes really help people kind of see what it's like to work with you what your services are like. And even if it's something simple, like you meeting with a client, even if the way your body language is and your expression and stuff like that can really help them feel more comfortable in, you know, hiring you for whatever it is they're looking for. So, so yeah, having some of those photos kind of interspersed throughout your website.

They're also really good for sales pages, for marketing, even on your business cards. You know, you can have photos on your business cards, any print materials, and then also social media is huge. That's a lot of time where you really want to establish that know like trust factor and help people get to know you, who you really are, what you're about why you do what you do. And so having photos that kind of help tell that story, I think is really important.

7:55 Alright, so you mentioned social media. So, let's talk a little bit more about social media because I do think that is for me one of my favorite places to see brand photos because I do feel more connected to somebody between the photos that they're posting in the story that they're telling related to the photo. So, do you have any tips for people for optimizing their time investment and how to best use those brand photos in social media?

8:21 Yeah, so are you talking about how to use them or how to how to get a whole bunch of them and save some time that way?

8:26 Well, let's dive into both.

 8:28 Okay. Awesome. Yeah, so it says like, it's really important I think to kind of save time by doing your photos and you know, kind of batching them and time blocking them because then you can get a whole bunch with quite a bit of variety in one session, you don't only have to do your hair and makeup once you only have to do the planning of locations and outfits and figuring out the right timing and lighting and editing. All that stuff only has to be done once or even a couple of times a year versus every time you want to do a photo.

So, I think it's really good to kind of plan your sessions and you want to get variety because you don't want to have the same photo throughout your entire social media. Right? So, you want to get some variety so by doing to do that you pick a couple of different locations so maybe visit the park you know visit other areas that obviously reflect your brand. And even if it's in your house, even having different rooms is enough to give a little bit of variety or different camera angles, different poses, and different outfits is a big thing. So switching out your outfits and having a whole bunch of them throughout the day is going to give you tons of variety. And then if you can also to like take off a coat or like a blazer and that that's two different photos right there one with the blazer one without the blazer adding in like scarf or like a pretty purse, colorful purse or some other accessories or props.

I talked a little bit about props earlier but thinking about what kind of things can tell your brand story. Even things like you're celebrating a launch for something maybe you have like a confetti shot, or like balloons or something fun. So you know having the props added into to some of the photos, but not all of them. That can give you some variety. And that way you're getting a lot of photos you can have anywhere from like 15 to 100 photos. And if you've got 100 photos, that saves you a lot of time, anytime you need to do a blog post or post on social media, you just pull from that really big library that you've got. And you don't have to go and actually create that whole set, you know, photography set. Every time you do a photo, you just go to your library and grab one. So I think that saves a lot of time for people. And then the other thing I'd say to you is planning for your social media.

So it actually if you take you know, an hour or two and really sit down and plan out okay, what am I going to be launching this, you know, next month, next couple months? Are there anything seasonal, they need to talk about for tax accountant, maybe they want to talk about tax season, you know, or for, for photographers that are doing family sessions, they might want to talk about fall sessions and the beautiful colors, but really think about what's coming up in your business. And what kind of photos Can I match with that? So when you do your brand session, you're planning for that. And then yeah, and just kind of also incorporating what kind of theme Do you want to have in your social media, a lot of times, it's good to pick like say three to seven themes and then kind of interspersed that throughout your social media. So let's say for example, like you like wine, and you like to hike, and you also work with clients one on one. And so you might have a bunch of different themes there that are kind of showing throughout your social media, you know, not showing it every single time but you know, a few here and there and they get to know you get to know oh yeah, like wine too. Or I like to go for hikes to or that's a picture of her working with clients, I can see what it feels like. So those kinds of themes, you just kind of keep those consistent throughout and planet into your social media.

I don't know if you use a planner, too. I love planners, you actually plan everything out and auto post it for you even or let you know give you reminders on when to post your, your post for Instagram or Facebook or LinkedIn and stuff like that. And that's hugely time because that's huge. It's huge savings of time I find as well. If you actually use a planner and get everything loaded up into there, and then you know, you're good for a month or two, you don't have to really think about and plan everything it's already done for you.

Yeah, I love it. And one of the things that I helped my clients with a lot and I know most of you listening probably have this. But as you think ahead to the new year, and you think about your launch and promotions, and what you're going to be focused on each month, that is excellent input to the brand photography session. So I love that you shared that you know that you've got a big, you know, focus, like one of my things, is for November, I always do November just say no. So I have photos taken with me wearing a shirt that says Um, no. on it, right. And so things like that, where, when you do plan ahead, you can very strategically capture photos that are going to tie into in support some of those promotions, and launches and events, events, and things that you have throughout the year.

12:55 Exactly. It also allows you to use the photos more to like if you just have some general portraits are really good because you can still Introduce yourself on social media periodically, or, or just do general posts. But if you know that you've got things coming up, you can get photos specific for that. And you don't have to then go out and get photos as you know, you want to do a blog article about something but you haven't got a photo to go with it. Now you've got to go get your photo done for it. But if you've already planned that out, then you know you can make sure you take the photo to go with that blog article or that Instagram post that you want to mention for November. In November.

13:34 Oh, we got to keep it fun now. But that Yeah. Let's dive into a little bit of your story. So what got you into brand photography? And why are you so passionate about it? Tell us a little about yourself.

13:45 Yeah, so I think there's a couple of things that got me into it. When I really started. As I started my business, I started learning about marketing and branding. And I just really loved that whole side of things. But I also found when I started I didn't have any good photos of myself, I didn't really think I was photogenic I thought I'd never had anything that was flattering. And so then I had to start using photos on my website and I had to have photos for social media and I had to be able to give photos to podcast hosts and stuff like that.

And always kind of cringe at the idea of giving these terrible photos right and so I realized as a professional photographer, I needed to get some good photos. So I taking a brand photography course at the time so I organized it all so I knew exactly what kind of photos I wanted and poses and props and then I went to a professional photographer and I remember like the day that shoot I was thinking man, this is a lot of money for photos where I'm probably not going to like my expression. And then I went and I got my photos done and I was amazed I actually was photogenic. And I actually looked good in the photo, she caught the right expressions and it was very flattering.

All of the angles and the poses were really nice. And so at that point, I just had this boost of confidence. You know, like it just all of a sudden I'm like, Yeah, I can put myself out there for my business. And you know, I'm comfortable using photos on networking sites and on my social media and stuff like that. And I just felt very professional to you because they just elevated my brand by having really good photos. And I thought I want to be able to do this for other people, for other businesswomen and other entrepreneurs, and just help them be able to be more comfortable being the face of their business and just putting themselves out there. Because you need to do that in order to connect with your potential clients and your dream clients and even your existing clients, you know, for them to get to know like, and trust you. And so I think having that confidence boost, I just really love the idea of being able to give that to someone else, too.

So yeah, I think that's a that's kind of like my main reason for getting into it. But yeah, I tried a whole bunch of different genres. And I just, I really liked the one on one nature of it the ability to like work with smaller groups, as opposed to like the whole wedding. Where it's very busy and, and so yeah, I just I really like working with people on their brand. And also like the storytelling side of things, too. When I first got into portrait photography, I started with something called cosplay photography. And so that's where people dress up in costumes. And then we go and take photos of them in a cool location that tells their character story. So for example, one of my friends dressed up in a spawn costume, it's like a comic. And we went to a grungy back alley, and I brought my lights, and we just got some really cool shots that really told that character story. And so I just loved the whole storytelling idea. And when I got into brand photography, it was like a similar kind of parallel, it was like, I still get to tell a story, you know, and there's a lot of behind the scenes stuff and showing people in action and that kind of stuff. So that's another reason I really liked the brand photography.

16:33 Yeah, I think you do a really beautiful job with it. I love your photos. And one of the things that I noticed, and this is something I'm always looking for when I'm looking for a photographer to work with is when the person's looking at the camera, or when the person has their photo taken, do they look comfortable? Or do they look uncomfortable? And I think a lot of times a good photographer who really knows what they're doing and knows how to kind of pull the best out of people, the person looks at home in front of the camera, instead of super uncomfortable and awkward in front of the camera, and you do a really beautiful job of that.

17:07 Thank you. Thank you so much. I appreciate that. Yeah, a friend had reached out to me. And she's like, I know you have a background in photography. And there's this one photographer, and I'm looking at her and I kind of want to work with her. But there's something that just feels a little off to me and I can't place what it is. And I looked at the photos and I was like every single one of the pictures, the person looks really uncomfortable, and they don't look like they're having fun. And she was like that's it, there's no connection. And I was like she's not your photographer, you got to keep looking got to find somebody that you look at those photos, and you just want to feel like that person, relaxed, comfortable. And in the moment of what they're doing not feeling like they're getting their picture taken.

17:46 Exactly, exactly. And that even varies from person to person is, you know, a lot of its personality too. And so yeah, but I think that's the benefit to having like a good photographer is they do get that relaxed expression and the authentic expression, they kind of let the essence of you shine through. So yeah, that's what I always aim to do.

18:03 So let's talk about where people might struggle, right? Because I know for a lot of us getting in front of the camera is not comfortable. I think for years I was behind the camera intentionally so I could avoid being in front of the camera. I recently have gotten sort of comfortable in front of the camera. Um, but where do people struggle? Like what are some of the big reservations or struggles that you find when people come to you for their first brand photography session?

18:27 Yeah, so a lot of them were like me, when I first started I, you know, they just hadn't had any photos of themselves that were good because they hadn't had them done professionally. So they just didn't have anything they liked. And so they figure they're not photogenic, which is not true. You just need the right photographer to pull it out of you and depose you and know the right lighting, good poses that are flattering, and stuff like that. But I think another thing I often hear people say is, well, I need to lose some weight first, or I'm not comfortable with how I look in the camera, My nose is too big, things like that. And they're really worried about certain aspects of their body. And so I feel like as a photographer, I have to help explain to them that they're beautiful as they are, and people really want to see and get to know them, they don't care about them losing another five pounds, right? Like they really want to see the real person. And then the other thing is to, they also just need someone who knows how to take flattering photos too because there is that kind of saying that you know the camera adds 10 pounds that that can actually be true if it's taken with the wrong angle or the wrong lens or like the wrong pose.

So a lot of good photography is really about knowing good angles and flattering angles and knowing how to avoid distortion. Because there is a distortion kind of effect you can get with your camera and lens and things like that. And even obvious with selfies for example like a lot of times I used to wonder why my nose looked really big in a selfie because my camera was too close to my face and it was a wide-angle lens and it actually distorted it My nose is the closest thing to the camera. So that's what was gonna be biggest and larger than the camera. So I think a lot of it is understanding that how you take the photo can actually affect whether it looks flat Or not. And so if people had never had a good photo taken, it could just be because it was someone taking your photo on their, their phone and didn't really know how to pose them where, or what angle to you, or maybe it's the wrong lens and things like that.

So I think that's a huge thing is people just aren't comfortable getting photos done because they haven't had good photos done of themselves. There are other things you can do to relax and have more fun in the photo shoot too. And I think that helps, too. If you're having fun during the photography session, if you're thinking about why you're getting your photos done, too, is a big thing. Remember, you're getting your photos done, so you can grow your business. But ultimately, so you can help people, you're helping your ideal client, you're making a difference in the world. And by putting yourself out there and getting this photoshoot done, just imagine the effect you're having, you're attracting more of your dream clients to you, and you're able to help them. So I find like that sometimes you take yourself out of it and go, Okay, this isn't about me, this is about my clients and helping people. So sometimes that relaxes people a bit more. And they're just like, okay, yeah, you know, I just want to, I just want to connect to the people that I like to work with, and, and have some fun while I'm doing it.

21:02 Yeah, absolutely. And I love what you just said, You've said so many brilliant things so far in this discussion, but I really love that it's not about you. It's about your customer, right? It's about that connection, it's about them resonating with you that know, like, and trust. And I think that that is key and being authentic, right? Like, you don't need to be holding a pile of cash on top of a Lamborghini. like nobody ever do that, please. But other than that,

21:34 I'm sorry to tell. You don't do anything in your picture, you know, like, look that you have to capture or you have to be yourself.

21:45 I agree. Yeah. And just having people get to know you and be like, this is me, this is who I am. And you know, I can help you.

 So yeah, all right. So tell people a little bit more about where they can find you what you've got going on what you're most excited about, that's coming up?

22:02 Yes, they can find me on my website, which is the Small Business photographer calm. Or they can find me on social media, which would be as a small business photographer. And yeah, I'm excited about a new service I'm going to be offering it's going to be a brand image consultation. And so I would take a look at people's websites and their social media and just kind of do a little analysis for them and see if their images are on-brand are things that they have them brainstorm ideas for what kind of things they can do to tell their brand story because sometimes people don't really know they're like, well, I'm, I'm a financial adviser, how am I going to tell a story. And so I can help them kind of figure that out. And then yeah, just kind of put together a plan for them. And then they can take that plan. And they can either have their family and friends do their photos, I go to a professional photographer in their city. And so I wanted to be able to offer that so I can help people kind of all over because they would just be a virtual kind of concept. So I'm excited about that, that's going to be coming out soon. And again, just my regular brand sessions in Calgary and the surrounding area. So for now, I'm still in Calgary, thanks to the pandemic, but eventually, I'll be able to travel as well for brand photography sessions.

23:04 I love it. And for those of you who have not considered this, you guys may know I have a brand photographer who literally comes with me everywhere. And you'll notice a lot of consistency in my photos across my jewelry brand and my planners and me. And it's because I use the exact same photographer and I literally bring her with me places in so if you can find a good photographer like Lindsey, don't be afraid to invest in literally bringing them places with you. When you find that person, it's sometimes really worth it for that consistency in your brand imagery, and just that comfort that you have with the photographer and everything else.

23:42 Yeah, the other thing is to they really know your brand. So you basically have your own personal brand photographer because they know you really well, and they know your brand really well. And so you're constantly bringing on new photographers, then you have to re-educate them on your brand, their style might be a bit different like you mentioned. Yeah, so it is nice to try to stick to one person who really knows you and your brand. Yeah, I was traveling earlier this year. And the person who was photographing the event had offered these photography packages and I thought great, I'm in a new city, why not it'll be kind of fun. I'm going to get a photography session done and I ended up using almost none of the photos because my vibe is very light and airy and all of the photos she sent me were very dark and moody and I tried my hardest to go in and edit them and lighten them and brighten them but they were shot dark and moody so it just didn't really work. So I ended up using very few of those photos and it just really confirmed to me I need to keep working with the same person because I have a vibe that I like and it's just easier that way.

24:41 Yeah, no totally and even picking someone if you don't have a photographer yet. What is your brand aesthetic? Like, you know, is it dark and moody or is it late and airy because you want to pick someone who has like the style that matches, you know, so definitely something to consider when you're choosing your photographer too.

24:57 I love that Okay, and so here's the time of the show. We're out everyone the same question. And I'm dying to hear what you have to say about this. So in your business, how do you work smarter, not harder, and keep things lean?

Yeah, so kind of talked a little bit about that already. But time blocking is really important for me and trying to be efficient. So really doing a lot of planning in advance, so you know, what your social media needs are going to be actually planning out your content so that you don't have to keep figuring out all of your topics and writing and getting photos and all that kind of stuff every time you want to post. So yeah, sitting down and planning things out writing some of your content, getting your photos done in one session. So you've got a huge library to pull from, I feel like that's really important.

But even time looking for other things to like, when I write articles, or, you know, I'm putting together an igtv, or something like that, like trying to time block stuff so that you do a couple, you know, and you're optimizing. Because you're already in that mindset, you're like, Okay, today, I'm doing videos. So you're in that mindset of doing videos, which might be different than how you feel when you're writing or, you know, returning emails and things like that. So yeah, just time blocking it. And yeah, switching out outfits. So it looks different. People don't have to know he did it all in one day for the same couple hours, you know, so yeah, I think time blocking is the biggest thing for me just being efficient, because it makes me more efficient and helps me actually get things done. Find my social media slides, if I haven't done planning, but when I have it planned out for a month or two months, then it's much easier to keep it going and keep it engaged.

 26:22 yes, I love that tip. And that is mine as well. I'm all about the focus blocks. That is how I get so much done. So I love hearing you share about the time blocking as well.

It really does. If you are not already leveraging this in your business total game-changer. You definitely want to start leveraging time blocks.

Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Yeah. So thank you so much for being here. I'm so excited to have you on the show. And for the conversation today. Do you have any kind of final tips for people before we wrap up here for getting brand photography sessions done or getting brand photos?

26:55 Yeah, so I actually do have a free gift that you can share with your podcast listeners, it's on tips on how to feel more confident in your photos. So I'll share one tip with you right now but there's a whole bunch of them in there. So feel free to kind of check that out. But yeah, there are certain things you can do to just feel more confident in your photography session and one of those is picking clothes that you love to wear so I find a lot of people have clothes in their closet that maybe don't fit well or color they don't really like or, you know the style I don't really feel comfortable in.

Those are not the clothes to wear photography session, because they will impact your confidence a little bit. So you want to pick something that you feel good in that fits well that is a color you like and when you wear that you're like yeah, I look, I look good. And if you don't have that yet, then maybe you want to go out and find an outfit like that before your session, maybe talk to a wardrobe stylist because they're really good at helping you figure out what looks good on your body type and things like that. So I recommend that for brand photography sessions. you're investing money in brand photography, make sure that your wardrobe also reflects your brand and makes you feel good when you're on camera.

28:00 I love it. Well Lindsey, thank you so much. This has been such a great discussion. Thanks so much for being on the show and telling people one more time where they can find you.

28:08 Okay, yeah, the Small Business or on in social media, small business photographer.

 28:13 Excellent. Everyone, you will find all the links down below in the show notes and reminder, lean out level-up retreat is coming on January 11. Through 13th Laguna Beach, California. So not only is it an incredible three-day transformational business retreat, but I would absolutely love to have you there. But we are including a mini brand photography session. So you go out, I know it's great. But really the photos last time came out amazing. If you go to lean-out method, com slash retreat. You can find all the details to get registered. But you can also see some of the great photos from the brand photography sessions that we did at the last retreat so you can start your new year ready for success with new brand photos.

28:54 That's a good idea. Yeah, retreat to learn more about business and stuff like that. But also good photos. great deal. That's what a better way to kick off the year. All right, everyone, we will see you again next week. And I hope to see your application come through for the retreat so head to lean out method comm slash retreat. See you guys next week.

29:19 Thank you for joining me for another episode of the lean out your business podcast. I hope you got a lot of value and actionable insights from today's show. And we'd love it if you take a moment to leave us a review. If you have any questions on today's episode or on how to lean out your business. Join us over in our private Facebook community where every week we do live training and q&a. And I'd love to have you be part of the conversation had to lean out method comm slash group to join us. And before you go, be sure to subscribe to the show. So you're the first to know when we release a new episode. We'll see you next week.


by Crista Grasso

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