What to Focus On In The Last Month of the Year

business optimization lean practices strategic planning Dec 08, 2019

"What is the most important thing I should focus on in the last month of this year?"⁠⁣
While working with one of my mastermind members during our monthly private coaching call, she asked me this question.⁠⁣
I'll share with you the same thing I told her - revisit your VISION and big bold GOAL(s) for this year. ⁠⁣

Depending on where you are in relation to achieving your vision and goals will influence your primary focus for December.⁠⁣


What To Do When You Haven't Yet Realized Your Vision and Goals for The Year

Take a look at everything you currently have in flight and focus on FINISHING whatever projects and marketing campaigns that will have the highest impact on achieving your goal.⁠⁣

Be realistic about what you can accomplish given the time you want to dedicate to your business this month (because it is a choice - you don't have to do anything).

For some, December is an intense double-down work month trying to finish out the year strong.  For others, December is a month to scale back on their businesses to create space for spending time with family, friends, and enjoying holiday festivities.

Be sure to factor in how you want to spend your time when deciding what projects and marketing campaigns to commit to. 


LEAN TIP: Focus on finishing what is already in progress before deciding to start something new.  If you have a lot in progress, assess which will have the biggest impact and start there. Make the tough choice now what to focus on and what to cut or place on hold and resist the urge to try to finish everything and risk not finishing anything.  


What To Do When You've Already Realized Your Vision and Goals for The Year

If, like my mastermind member, you already crushed your goals for the year and have realized the vision you had for your business and life, then you should be focused on laying the FOUNDATION for a successful new year (after taking a moment to celebrate your incredible accomplishment!).⁠⁣
The best way to do that is to assess what is currently working really well in your business and optimize it.⁠⁣

For example, let's say that your blog was the #1 source of traffic for your business this year.  A few things you could do to optimize your blog would be:

  • Analyze which posts got the most traffic and add a content upgrade to those posts.  This will increase the value for your readers by giving them a free checklist or guide  that they can use right away to put what they read into action, and grow your list.
  • Analyze the questions you got asked most frequently in your blog comments and use them to create an FAQ or to generate new blog post ideas.
  • Consider which content your readers resonated with most and brainstorm more posts like them in the new year.
  • Create a Yearly Round Up, highlighting your top posts per your community.  Ask your readers to vote on their favorite posts of the year and to share what they want to hear more about next year.  Make it enticing and either create a contest or gift those who share their feedback.  ⁠⁣


LEAN TIP: Optimization is all about amplifying what is already working in your business.  There will be many things you can optimize.  A good place to start is by focusing on those things that are working really well for you right now and that align with the vision and goals you have for the new year.


Back to my mastermind member who asked the question about what to focus on this last month of the year.  For her, we outlined a plan to focus on amplifying her ads for her top performing program.  I am so excited to see the results of what we created for her December plan!

I'd love to know - what is your big focus for this last month of the year?⁠⁣

Comment below. XX

by Crista Grasso

Known as the "Business Optimizer", Crista has the ability to quickly cut through the noise and focus on optimizing the core things that will make the biggest impact RIGHT NOW to grow and scale your business. As a lean business consultant, she specializes in helping businesses gain clarity and focus through strategy, planning, and lean practices. She is the creator of the Lean Out Method and the 90-Day Lean Out Planner, and is also the founder of the global accessories brand Criscara Jewelry.


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