About Crista

Most of my clients consider me their secret weapon. 

You’ve driven their cars, flown on their planes, ridden their elevators, worn their clothing and accessories, shopped their stores, and used their services.  You've been coached by them, learned from them, and been inspired by them.  They range from companies with thousands of employees to small business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, and influencers spanning the product and service industries.

The one thing they all have in common?  By infusing lean practices and strategic planning into their business, they have gained clarity on the most important things to be focused on right now, and have seen profit increases in the 5, 6, and 7 figure ranges.  

I have used these same methods in my own coaching and consulting businesses, and in my product based accessory brand, Criscara Jewelry, where I was able to 10x profits while keeping all production in the USA.

I created The Lean Out Method to help you do the same.

I’m high energy, super passionate, and very practical (you won’t get a lot of fluff or hype).  I am all about generating real results and sustainable success - for both myself and all of the clients I work with.  And I know that leaning out is the way to do that!

I am usually booked out so far in advance with private consulting and coaching clients, that I decided to create The Lean Out Planner.  I wanted to create a way for small business owners and entrepreneurs to leverage these practices to transform their own businesses without having to wait to work with me directly.  And for those who do want to work with me, I also added a few options including a group mentorship program and an amazing and luxurious planning retreat.

When I’m not dishing out the merits of lean business planning, you can find me drinking espresso, rocking out with Bret Michaels, enjoying a spa day, or snuggling up with my pups and a great book.  I am an avid traveler - always embarking on new adventures.

Follow along on Instagram at @cristagrasso.


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